5 Tips on Getting Your Family
To The Airport

by Lin

If you’ve got more car seats than briefcases in your life you are likely looking for a way to reduce the stress of your next family vacation.

Nothing can take the wind out of your sails like playing the role of a pack mule during the initial leg of your trip, packing up a car or taxi as you attempt to keep control of your young children, followed by unpacking the family and all of your belongings at the airport, not to mention negotiating the long lines at the check in counter so that your family sits in at least the same region of an airplane.

Here are some tips that should help smooth the ride from your door to check in:

1. Book a Super Shuttle or similar service – these services are discount airport transportation in many cities in the United States and they pick up multiple passengers on the way to the airport. They are the least expensive way for a family to travel to the airport outside of a ride from a friend.

They will often discount your transportation further if you book the travel ahead of time and book both legs of the journey at the time of initial booking.

2. Trade giving rides with a neighbor – everyone with a family goes through the same hassles while traveling so it makes sense to trade off giving and receiving rides to the airport. The good thing about this is everyone wins and you don’t have to worry about fitting your family into a tiny taxi, most suburban dwelling families will have a family car. The best case scenario is to trade with a similar sized family, obviously a family with Mini Cooper Clubman that fits their one year old is a bad match for an airport trip.

3. Book taxis ahead of time the smart way – this may sound obvious but if you are getting a taxi service to take you to the airport, ask for a van/minivan, the charges are often exactly the same as many cab operators use them because of their utility.

Also, be sure to book ahead, many services run out of cars close to the holiday season so it pays to plan ahead of time. There is usually no booking fee for taxi services so you can closer to the day to cancel without any additional fees.

4. Use a porter – many times families require two carts to get all of their luggage, laptop bags, car seats, diaper bags etc to the check in counter. Instead, try using a porter at the airport, the cost may be roughly the same but the simplicity of the transition cannot be compared. This is because porters have large carts that can easily carry all of your belongings, they’re used to packing carts and can sometimes help you get to the front of the line which is never a bad deal!

5. Check in whatever you can – check in the car seats and bases at the check in counter with your bags. Most airlines do not charge extra for this and it greatly simplifies going through airport security. Just be sure to label all of your belongings well, multiple tags are recommended. Sometimes the airlines even have large bags they can put over your car seats for added protection.

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