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Advertise in a win-win atmosphere. You have some great opportunities with the revamped format of this site (important).

You can advertise on a specific page; or, you can place your link throughout a section. Take advantage of a new introductory, no fuss, no fanfare offer.

The link rate for a specific page, for a twelve month period, is $60USD.

You can also submit a reasonable offer for various advertising formats. For example, you can Include your desired (yearly) rate for multiple pages or section(s) where you want to place your link or ad. Submit the form below.


Of course, I need to see the ad copy and know the URL before I can approve your rate. As a precaution, I must reserve the right to reject any ad, determine the final placement of ads, and to include other conditions for advertising on Cruise Vacation

You will receive an explanation for any proposed changes, and/or if the rate request is adjusted or rejected .

When we reach a final agreement, please send payment via PayPal, or request an invoice, or submit a request if you prefer another method of payment.

Thank You.

Note: Learn about your extra benefits for the first year. Click the link "Important" at top of this page.

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