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My name is Samuel Thompson and I am the author of Cruise Vacation Advisor.

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This is the first of two pages that provides a little insight about me and this website. In the past I have both owned and managed a small travel agency.

On this page I share information about why this website was built. Read reviews and case studies of others.

On another page I tell how Cruise Vacation Advisor came about and how you can benefit from my experiences (page 2).

The travel industry is a great industry. Free (or steeply discounted) travel is a great benefit; which you can also enjoy.

Love To Travel?

Have A Passion or Hobby?

Cut Through Doubt and Noise
Make It Your Business!

I was (as the saying goes) an Army brat. My father served 28 years. I did not attend the same school for more than two years until I transferred to my high school three months into my freshman year. I guess I got my travel bug from my father.

My love for traveling was a major reason I got into the travel business. It definitely motivated me to know that travel agents could travel cheaply, or (better yet) free.

Yippee! Free travel! What a great benefit in an exciting industry, all-the-while doing what I love to do.

Fast forward!

By the late 1990’s the airlines started to change their commission structure, travel agencies begin to charge a fee to book airline travel, and more and more people started using the internet to make their own travel arrangements.

The travel industry and the hospitality industry in general began to undergo radical changes. These changes accelerated after 911, and a large percentage of travel agencies begin to close their doors.

Why this website by the Author?

I started this website in order to continue with my love and passion for the travel industry. I wanted to share the valuable knowledge I had accumulated.

{The idea that writing down and sharing my knowledge via the internet would make me an author still had not occurred to me.}

I especially wanted to share my knowledge about the intangible factors related to having a great cruise and travel experience.

People make their own travel arrangements or use a professional to do it for them, all-the-while focusing on tangible factors such as cruise line, type of ship, itinerary, cabin size and location, ports of call, and so forth.

It seemed that most people paid no attention to the intangible factors that make for a great travel and cruise experience.  I refer to intangible factors such as how to identify a travel professional that was right for them; or, how to improve their decision making for a great cruise experience; or, understanding the four W's of cheap cruises, and the like.

Do you have a passion for travel?

Do you have a hobby?

Do you have knowledge or a passion of any sort?

Self publish it here.

Without realizing it, you too will become an author.

My second important reason for building this site.

Frankly, I wanted to find a way to continue traveling at little or no cost.
By building this website and setting it up as a work-from-home business I could “write off” my travel and cruise expenses.

The best part is that I do not have to limit my travel time. I can work as an author and earn income from anywhere in the world.

All I need is an internet connection, which is absolutely no problem, even aboard cruise ships.

The Future

As a webmaster, I will continue to bring you accurate information, insightful suggestions, sensible advice, and useful ideas.

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Thank you for visiting.


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PS: You may also want to take the time to read page two about how this website was created; and, how you can benefit from my experiences.

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