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Sometimes simple acts are better to use.


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Car Rental
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 Simply ask
Consider off-peak times

To get a car rental upgrade many travelers cash in frequent flyer miles or priority points. Frequent users also get certificates directly from the company via email or a special booking code.

However, let's look at other ways that you can get perhaps a free car rental upgrade.

The first thing to do is pick up your phone to book your car. Use the phone and not the internet. Reserve the most popular model for that location.

Of course, the representative will ask you for your pick up time. You, in turn, ask about that location's busiest time. Then, choose a time following their busy time to pick up your car.

The idea (of choosing a time following their busy time) is that you probably will receive a free upgrade, if there are no available cars of the model you booked.

Trying the above tip may not always succeed, but it is always worth a try. You have nothing to lose. The above tip probably works best at non-airport locations.

If you must rent at an airport, consider the times of operation for the car rental company. You may want to try to pick up your car very early in the morning, before other renters return their cars.

Another tip for a car rental upgrade is to keep in mind the times for discounted weekend rates.

Many weekend discount rates may start at twelve noon on Thursdays. (This may change from company to company. Find out if it is true for the company you plan to use). If you pick up your car late in the afternoon, they may have sold out the popular model. In such situations, you may get a free upgrade.

A final tip is to simply try the direct approach! Ask the representative if an upgrade is available. Who knows? The clerk may have authorization to give upgrades at his/her discretion.

If no upgrades are available, ask him/her to make a note in your record.

When you arrive to pick up your car, remind the clerk of the notation. If a car rental upgrade is available, you should be able to get it at no extra cost.

This seems to work best when you book your car in advance, but it will not hurt to try it at any time.

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