Cheap Cruise Warning

Is There Something You Should Know About Cheap Cruises?

Cheap cruise warning: Know the difference between a cheap cruise and lowest cost cruise.

By the way, what does the term cheap cruise mean?

Ask different people what the word cheap means and you probably get different answers.

Webster’s New World
Dictionary & Thesaurus
defines cheap as:

  1. low in price or cost; not expensive
  2. charging low prices [a chain of cheap stores]
  3. spending or able to spend little [a cheaper clientele]
  4. worth more than the price
  5. costing little labor or trouble; easily gotten [a cheap victory]
  6. of little value or poor quality; virtually worthless
  7. deserving of scorn; contemptible [made cheap by their own behavior]
  8. Informal stingy; niggardly
  9. Econ. lowered in exchange value or buying power; also, available at low interest rates: said of money

SYN.- CHEAP and INEXPENSIVE both mean low in cost or price, but INEXPENSIVE simply suggests value comparable to the price, and CHEAP, in this sense, stresses a bargain; CHEAP may also imply inferior quality or value, tawdriness, contemptibility, etc.

Do you want a cheap cruise, or do you want value for your money?

A careful look at the above definitions should draw you to one conclusion: the fourth definition gives you the criteria by which you must evaluate your search for a cheap cruise.

In other words, it is not simply a question of the lowest cost.

Your Cruise Must Be Worth More Than The Price

Or, must be inexpensive, as defined above by Webster.

Note: regardless of the price, your cruise is cheap if it is worth more than the price you are paying.

What, you ask, is the definition of worth?

Worth (to paraphrase Webster) is that quality of a thing that lends importance, value, merit, etc. and that is measurable by the esteem in which the thing is held.

In addition to money, you bring to the table those intangible and subjective factors that (for you) make a cruise worth taking and enjoyable.

Let’s give these intangible and subjective factors a name. Let's call them your worth barometer

A final cheap cruise warning is that if you consider a cruise as cheap simply because it has the lowest cost, you may find that you are a very unhappy cruiser.

This will happen when you evaluate your cruise experience upon returning home and find that it ranks low on your worth barometer.

Search, find and compare cruises, but not simply based on lowest cost.

You MAY NOT find happiness with the lowest cost cruise.

You CAN however find happiness with a cheap cruise.

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