Cheap Cruise
Where Do You Find Them?

Hints As To Where You Can Find A Cheap Cruise.

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Where can you find
cheap cruises?
What are cheap cruises?

When can you find
cheap cruises?

Why cheap cruises?

Where can you find a cheap cruise?

This important question is one of four questions that will provide the big picture understanding about how you can get great discounts.

  • Discounts offered in competitive markets
  • Discounts based on time of year (cruising to areas of potential bad weather)
  • Discounts to offset weak sales
  • Discounts based on historical selling patterns
  • Discounts to introduce a new "brand" (or a refurbished ship)
  • Discounts for repositioning cruises

Here are some additional sources:

  • Travel agents/cruise agents/travel planner/trip advisor. {ASTA} {CLIA}
  • Cruise brokers
  • Organizers of group cruises (especially when organizers look at various scenarios, such as those mentioned above)
  • Internet websites (especially those websites that provide direct telephone support by a knowledgeable travel agent)

Another Example of Cheap Cruises

Look at:

  • Very long cruises, 90-day and 100-day sailings, where inside cabins (considered inferior) are extremely cheap. You can currently find these inside cabins with cruise brokers for as little as $150 per person per day. Outside cabins on the same cruise sell for as much as $700 to $1000 per person per day.

However, a quick calculation shows you the problem with this type of cheap cruise.

Even though the typical cost of a very long cruise is between $60,000 and $100,000 per person, the "cheap" cruise (inside) cabin still cost around $15,000 per person (a great, great bargain but a problem for many cruisers).

Even if you are not a travel professional you can still build a business helping people with their travel plans.

This web page shows you how to use your knowledge of any interest, passion, or hobby to build a website that can finance your travels.

  • You do not have to build a website. You also can establish yourself in business as a travel writer. This type of writing is not difficult. It is not the same as writing a book.

As a travel writer you can "write-off" your travel expenses. Of course, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of a tax or legal professional when setting up your business.

  • Also, you do not have to build a website if you become a guest lecturer aboard cruise ships. You can exchange your knowledge of any hobby, passion, or interest for free cruise travel. (Cruise free as a speaker)

Good Hunting!

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