Cheap Cruises

Understanding The Four W's

You can enjoy cheap cruises. But, as this cheap cruise warning page explains, cheap does not necessarily mean lowest cost.

You may find that you are an unhappy camper with a "lowest cost" cruise.


Because, in addition to money, you bring to the table those intangible and subjective factors that make a cruise worth taking and enjoyable.

These intangible and subjective factors are your worth barometer.

An understanding of the four W’s (what, when, where, and why) will help you to discover cheap cruises within the context of your worth barometer, thereby allowing you to get the most value for your money.

What Are Cheap Cruises?

Let’s Start by Thinking of Cruise Ship Cabins as Inventory.

  1. The cruise line’s inventory is divided into types or categories. Categories of cabins are based on factors like location and size.

  2. Different types of inventory (cabins) will have different prices, but prices for the same type of cabin may also vary.

    • One reason that prices vary for the same cabin may depend on where you live. For example, in the United States you may find a discount for a category of cabin offered in one region of the country (say the Midwest) and not in other regions.

    • Another reason could depend on whether it is a group or individual sale. Cabins for groups are usually priced lower.

    • Supply and demand for cruise cabins is also a reason. As the supply of cabins exceeds the number of people who are looking to book travel the cruise line will offer the over supply of cabins at a discount. The greater the excess of inventory, the greater the discount offered.

    • Yet another reason is your booking date in relationship to your sail date.

    • One final example: Cruise lines reposition their ships (repositioning cruises) from one place to another. They offer great discounts on these cruise cabins to ensure high bookings. By now, you should have the picture that there are many reasons why cabins are viewed as inventory and why prices may vary for the same type of cabin.

  3. The overall price for all inventory types are determined by the cruise lines’ cost of operations. These costs of operations also vary based on many factors. After-all, each cruise ship must make a profit.

To Summarize: A cruise ship cabin is considered inventory.

There are various types of inventory (identified as categories of cabins), and the price of inventory is based on the type (category) of cabin.

But, there are different prices for the same type of inventory and these prices are based on many factors, including the overall cost of operating the cruise ship.

Somewhere in the formula (what, when, where, and why) you can find what you want. It’s not complicated. Simply use your understanding of one or more of the four W’s.

Good Hunting!

The Four W's

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