Make It A Cruise Adventure

When Things Go Wrong As They Sometimes Do

Many things make for a great cruise adventure. The quantity and variety of factors are as varied as the number of people that make up the cruising community.

Lady and Her CameraAdventurous Lady with Her Camera

Daring, bold, audacious, brave, risky and exploratory all describe adventurous. Mix in excitement and you have adventure.

However, do not allow unforeseen problems to dampen your excitement. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. If your luggage is lost, do not sweat it!

Yes, it does happen in a very, very small number of cases, luggage is lost and may not arrive until your next port of call.

Believe it or not, the cruise lines are very helpful in situations of lost or late arriving luggage, especially if you booked your airline tickets with them.

Perhaps, to you it is not "small stuff" to have your luggage lost; but when confronted with adversity, let your cry be


Allow any adversity to become a challenge, especially if it provides you with a "tall tale" to talk about. Look at it as a cruise adventure.

Actually, this attitude of discovery should start the day you begin to plan for your cruise vacation.

Do not worry about what you don’t know.

Your Travel Professional Can Help You
With The Major Details

Read "Three Great Reasons To Use A Cruise planner" for information on how and why a travel professional can help you.

As for the small details do what you can to resolve them. For example, you may learn that bathrooms are small and may not provide space to hang clothes.

You read somewhere that it is a good idea to pack a few of those self-adhesive hooks, because they provide additional hanging space and you can easily remove them.

Go ahead and take care of that small detail, along with others you learn of and that concern you. However, it is not necessary to spend hours and hours reading about all the things you should consider when preparing for your cruise.

If you happen to forget something do not look at it as a problem.

Look at it as a challenge. Make it part of your cruise adventure, your "tall tail" to talk about.

As the saying goes, "don't worry, be happy".

A Good Cruise Agent Will Prepare You
to Have A Great Cruise Adventure

Identify the right cruise agent for you. Read this "how to" information on identifying your perfect cruise planner, and you are on your way.

Oops, if you have not done so, perhaps you should first read Travel Agent, Trip Advisor, etc. - What's In A Name?

Of course, there are personal matters you must take into account. For example, do not pack medication and documents in luggage you plan to check with the airlines. You will not have access to that luggage until it arrives at your cabin.

There is fun, excitement, and cruise adventure in the numerous things you discover about cruising, while you cruise.

Much of the cruise adventure you go through on a cruise vacation will come from the many surprises you experience.

When you no longer experience surprises try a change in the type of cruise you go on.

But, for now...

Enjoy your cruise vacation.


Regardless of what happens, turn your vacation into one of discovery. Turn it into a cruise adventure. Don’t worry. Leave the critical planning to your cruise agent.

If cruising becomes a passion, turn it into a business.

Happy Sailing!

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