Travel and Cruise Basics
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An understanding of travel and cruise basics is the start of good preparation. And, good preparation of course will lead to a great experience. (See Guide below.)

You will quickly notice this website is not about making reservations or travel arrangements. Neither is this website about offering travel specials, cruise itineraries, reviews, and the like.

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On this website, you will find a different kind of cruise and travel advice, suggestions, tips, and tidbits of information. By the way, do you have a travel passion?

A Guide to Cruise Basics

The guide is a shortcut to some of the central information found on this website; as well as other sites that complement our information. Most of the information is in sections. These sections are important because the related materials help to develop a fuller understanding of the subject matter.

The left navigation menu shows (tier 2) pages that also link to related pages. Within each page you’ll find links to those related pages.

The right travel professional can save you a lot of reading time by providing you with much of the basic information necessary for your particular situation.

To prepare, there is no need to learn everything. You can save time by having a travel and cruise agent assist you. In addition, you avoid the risk of overlooking an important detail that could ruin your trip.

Read the information that you feel you need to prepare for your travels. Identify the travel professional that is right for you.

Let’s start with this cruise basic: What is a Travel Agent?

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