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The best tip for a cruise cabin upgrade is to work with a travel professional who is a cruise specialist.

You should especially develop a relationship if you love to cruise and plan to cruise often. In addition to a cabin upgrade, a cruise specialist can give you information about other perks.

If you use an agency that only handles cruises, you may get a perk or two from that agency. After-all, they want you to become a happy cruiser; and, continue to book your cruises with them.

Once you are on board ship, another tip is to register with the purser for an upgrade. Many cruise lines will accommodate you if possible.

They figure that on future sailings, you are more likely to book the same or higher cabin. The idea is that once you have enjoyed something better, it is difficult to take a step downward.

One of the same tips discussed about hotel rooms apply here. Negotiate upgrades as part of the contract when planning a family reunion, group meeting or party. As the planner for your group you could easily get an upgrade for yourself.

When it comes to groups, you should have no problem getting a free meeting room, perhaps a free group picture, and other such amenities.

Another cruise cabin upgrade advice is to consider booking your cruise for off-peak times.

For example, a slow period for cruise lines is between Thanksgiving and the first weeks in January. A possible exception is a New Year’s Eve cruise. Ask your cruise specialist, or the cruise line, about slow periods for cruising.

The ship will likely have a lot of vacant cabins, in all categories. You are more likely to get an automatic upgrade. At the very least, once aboard ship you should ask the purser for an upgrade. You just may get it.

Perhaps you can get a suite! As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you cannot get an upgrade to a suite, ask about the cost for such an upgrade. Who knows? Perhaps you can get a steeply discounted price.

Last, but not least, most cruise lines have some type of guarantee booking and/or early booking program. Oftentimes, they try to upgrade people who book under these programs. Of course, the reason for these upgrades and why you can get them is that they want to make you a very happy cruiser. Repeat business is the life blood of the cruising industry.

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