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Many factors other than your cruise-cabin will determine if you will have a great cruise experience. 

This is because no one seems to spend much time in their cabin, other than to shower, change clothes and sleep. This is especially true if you are new to cruising.

 However, if you love space, you may want to get cabin measurements. That way, you can visualize it within an area of your own bedroom. You may discovery that nothing less than "????" square feet accommodations will satisfy you.

A sense of satisfactory accommodations however does contribute to your overall cruise adventure. As you go on longer and longer cruises, your "satisfaction barometer" becomes more and more important.

If you are new to cruising, "discovery" is your road to excitement. Carefully read the descriptions of all staterooms.

Work closely with your travel agent.

The selection of your cruise-cabin can determine a significant portion of the cost of your cruise.

Accommodations classified as a suite, or with a balcony, or as an inside or outside stateroom, and so forth, will increase or decrease your cost accordingly. Also, single, double or triple occupancy plays a role.

If you are an experienced cruiser, you already have a good idea about which cruise-cabin selection you prefer. You also have a good idea about your preferred cabin location.

Try to "step-up" to a higher accommodation level, in order to increase your "satisfaction barometer".

View these examples from Norwegian Cruise Line.

As you make your selection, take into account the following factors that may be important to you:

  • SIZE of cabin - standard, suite or perhaps a mini-suite, etc.
  • VIEW - inside or outside cabin, stateroom with balcony, suite, etc.
  • NOISE Factors - near engines, elevators, below party decks, etc.
  • STABILITY - you feel less sway and roll the lower and more centrally located your cabin.
  • AMENITIES - depends on ship and type of stateroom.

Of course, a cruise planner or travel agent can help you with determining the importance of the above factors (and others) to your overall cruise experience.

Look at your experience as an adventure and you will not go wrong. After all, you do not plan to spend a lot of time in your stateroom – do you?

Don't worry, be happy, have a cruise adventure.

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