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Cruise-Dining aboard ships is a wonderful experiences. The variety and quality of food is simply amazing. And, it is all included in your package price - all you can eat, usually 24/7.

Also, there are no problems if you have dietary restrictions. Simply talk to your travel advisor. If you need to verify credentials, contact American Society of Travel Advisors.

There are dress policies, which vary depending on the cruise line and ship.

Typically, you have one or two nights assigned for formal (evening) attire. Dining on other nights is generally casual.

Of course, you do not need to eat in the dining area. There are multiple dining styles and places, including full service buffets.

You should have a cruise-dining experience at least once

In addition, before or after formal dining, while looking and felling your best, you take pictures (gr-r-e-a-t pictures of course).

You can also attend a great Las Vegas style show, either before or after your dining experience.

Normally, cruise lines assign seating per your request, but request are subject to availability and not guaranteed. Generally, you will have no problem getting what you want. However, you can waitlist if your preference is not available when requested.

You may also request seating with traveling
companions by providing all the reservation
numbers of those participating.

Usually, cruise lines divide meal times into main and late seating. In recent years cruise lines have begun to offer more flexibility. Check the itinerary of the ship for policy and specific times.

If you like sightseeing or to go on shore tours, consider late seating in order to have plenty of time to return to the ship, shower and dress, without having to rush.

If you are an early riser, perhaps early seating is better for you.

Additional information to know is that cruise lines provide for special diets, as well as special dining options.

Note that special dining options may involve an additional expense.

Finally, if possible, enjoy at least one midnight buffet. Many have said that the midnight buffet is unforgettable.


Since there are no additional charges, pamper you and enjoy cruise-dining, 24-hour room service. Usually, now-a-days, a tip for your Cabin Steward is included in the price of your package. You can also have laundry and dry cleaning done for you. This may not be included in your package price, but why not pamper yourself?

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