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Expressly Yours is our version of a travel and cruise e-zine. It is an information sharing process that supplements the wide variety, and very different kind, of cruise and travel information found throughout this website.

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Please Participate: This website does not sell travel services.

Your participation will add to everyone’s experience and knowledge base. And, please do not underestimate the value to yourself of participating.

There are many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of websites already providing information and services in the area of travel specials, cruise itineraries, ports of call, ship reviews, raves and rants, and booking services.

Certainly, with the emergence of the work-from-home internet travel business you will soon see many, many sites offering to book your travel. They want to sell you travel services.

There is no need to add to an already plentiful supply of such sites. Another run-of-the-mill travel and cruise e-zine or newsletter is certainly not needed.

You can participate by:

  • Using the Expressly Yours page builder to tell us your story; or, share your tips, advice, experiences and knowledge. Discover what others are saying. contribute to the knowledge base; and, take away what you need.

    Cruise Vacation Advisor, unlike most travel sites (and even most content sites) provides information about the intangible factors associated with the travel experience, and the travel industry in general.

For example:

  • How to identify a travel professional that is right for you,
  • Understanding the four W’s (what, when, where, and why) of cheap cruises,
  • Three great reasons to use a cruise agent,
  • The emerging work from home internet travel industry,
  • How to "earn" a free cruise,
  • How to facilitate and enhance the interaction you have with your travel professional,
  • The value of theme cruises,
  • And, much, much more.

Cruise Vacation Advisor provides links to other, quality, informational sites. This is done to assist you in finding information that is complimentary and relevant to the material that is before you, at that moment.

It is expected that Expressly Yours will provide special reports; and, provide support to those submitting content or articles through the page builder process.

The first among these special reports are for those interested in the booming work-from-home internet travel business.

Another one is a mini-report on how to make money on the internet with or without building a website.

Through our exchange partners you will learn from experienced website builders, internet marketers, Bloggers, and the like. You’ll get valuable information and how-to tips that only experience teaches.

With so much information on the net you may miss something in which you would have an interest; perhaps, one of many traditional cruise e-zines.

You will also get links to other sites that provide cruise and travel advice. Yes! they are competitors. We are going to do it because...

If you find what you need, on this site or others we link to, that's great. If you do not find what you need, use this contact form.

Meanwhile, please share your knowledge and experience.

Learn * Share * Grow * Earn

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