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How to cruise free? Speak about information you already know. Or, are you a professional lecturer?

Most cruise lines, as part of the service they offer their passengers, make available people (called enrichment lecturers) who can speak on a subject in the areas of:

  • general interest,
  • arts and craft,
  • or, a destination.

Briefly, the first thing you need to do is determine in which of the above categories you would place your hobby, passion, or interest. The second thing to do is learn the process by which the cruise lines provide lecturers/presenters.

Yes, you can cruise free as a speaker by speaking about information you already know. However, there are agencies that provide lecturers/speakers to the cruise lines. These agencies specialize in placements and they do charge fees for each day they place you on a cruise.

Some cruise-lines use certain agencies almost exclusively.

There is a simple process by which you can get started on a lifetime of free cruises. First, contact your favorite cruise-line for the agency (or, agencies) they use. Second, apply to that agency for placement.

They will provide you with requirement criteria. Usually, you and a guest will get a stateroom at no additional cost, but must pay your own gratuities. (See this page about cruise tipping). You must also provide your own transportation to the cruise ship.

Although you may be the type of person to speak in a conversational style, you will still need to be dynamic, knowledgeable, and passionate about your topic. You will need to "stand-out" in what is becoming more and more a competitive field.

You may not have to do any study or research. How well you know the subject matter of your hobby, passion, or interest will determine if any additional steps are necessary.

Cruise Free with Group Cruises

Other web pages on this site to provide you with information on the selling side of things. For example:

Click here for information on you can build a website based on your hobby, passion, or interest. You then use your website to create a yearly cruise vacation fund.

Selling is the mainstay of any society. As you no doubt know, we are always selling in that we sell ourselves everyday in the many things we go about doing in our day-to-day living.

However, if you want to cruise free as a speaker without selling cruises, or building a website, then the above information on enrichment lecturer is for you.

"The fact is, everyone is in sales." — Jay Abraham: Founder and CEO of Abraham Group

As discussed, call any major cruise line and ask how you can qualify to become an enrichment lecturer. Selling yourself is the best type of sales.

See ya on board!

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