The Right Cruise Line

Collectively, cruise lines provide a wealth of information to assist you in identifying the right cruise for you. Cruise companies make an effort to convince you that their particular ships are the ones you should book.

However, only you know what makes you happy. If you prefer only luxurious vacations, do not book any other type of cruise.

Some people prefer formalities, while others prefer informal. Crowds do not bother some people, but crowds do vex others.

Take care not to buy into the hype of someone’s concept of fun and happiness. Understandably, budget concerns may play a role in your consideration. So-o-o, prepare for the cruise you want. Know your own 'Worth Barometer'.

You must choose from among many ships with different itineraries, cruise themes, and an almost endless variety of services and amenities. {Here is one such cruise line}.

 Popular Cruise Lines

To assist you in finding that great cruise, see this list.

It is a major task to wade through the voluminous amount of information offered on websites, not to mention printed materials, videos, and the like.

In addition, high speed internet and webcams make it possible to view real time videos of some ships and ports of call.

Read and view as much as you can tolerate. It will no doubt benefit you.

In fact, by gathering as much information as you can, it will help you to "Identify Your Perfect Cruise Planner".

Before you book your dream cruise however, preview some of the other pages in this website.

You should especially read "Three Great Reasons To Use A Cruise Planner". It may save you a lot of time and frustration.

Prepare your budget for the type of cruise you want. Some people make the mistake of booking a cruise because it is considered low cost or steeply discounted.

You may save money (Cheap Cruise Warning), but you are unhappy during the entire trip. Based on a single experience, some first time cruisers have sworn off going on any more cruises. Let’s not allow this to happen to you.

Select Your Cruise Ship

Look at this list of some popular cruise lines (new window/tab); and, choose from one of the categories listed.

Select a cruise ship from within the category you have chosen. Read everything about the ship. Look at the number of passengers they carry, the number of crew members, and the services and amenities offered.

The ratio of staff to passengers may give you a good idea as to the service level you can expect. Of course, there are multiple factors to consider. A good (great) agent can help you sort thru all the factors.

Last, but not least,

Discuss in detail your "likes and dislikes" with your cruise travel agent. (PS: Did you read the section about profile questions?)

In the end, what the heck, if you simply cannot make a decision, use your best judgment? Although this approach may not fall within the area of good preparation, you can still have a lot of fun.  Simply think of it as a cruise adventure.

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