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Cruise money refers to the cruise lines' cashless system aboard ship. Below is some quick advice about the limited use of currency.

Cruise lines maintain a cashless system. While aboard ship, money usually does not exchange hands. You could, however, incur expenses for goods and services not normally included in your package.

Liquor, spa services, pictures, and even tours are things your cruise package may not include.

Cruise Money is Real Money.

Aboard ship, you pay expenses by charging them to a shipboard account, similar to charging expenses you incur in a hotel to your hotel room. Your shipboard account is your cruise money. Guard it carefully.

Cruise lines refer to these shipboard accounts by different names.

The common denominator is that you must fund your account by providing the cruise line with a credit card, cash, traveler’s checks, or a debit/check card, to cover all your on board charges.

You must provide this funding before your ship leaves port.

Of course, your credit card or debit/check card will have a hold placed on it for the amount you authorize. It is critically important that you use a method that has sufficient funds to handle all charges.

NOTE: Avoid mistakes and problems, use a good travel agent/cruise planner to book your cruise. See this section on the three great reasons why you should do so.

On the last morning of your cruise, you receive an itemized statement delivered to your stateroom. Carefully check all line items, especially the bar charges.

In fact, if you enjoy drinking, you may want to check your bar tab regularly.

Third party cards are not accepted.

On some cruise ships, an exception to using cash on board ship is when you visit the casinos.

Another exception to using cash is when you are ready to tip your cabin steward and other ship personnel.

However, cruise lines do allow you to include standard tips as part of your cruise package.

By including tips as part of your package you do not have to worry about having cash at the end of your cruise. See quick advice on cruise tipping.

By the way, if you really love cruising or if you have a passion for something, why not earn your own cruise free by organizing a theme cruise.

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