Cruise Safety

Personal Safety is a Component of Cruise Safety.

Actually, your personal safety is a more critical factor than the safety of the cruise ship. When you compare track records traveling by cruise ship is just as safe (or safer) than other methods of transportation.

Many factors determine the level of your personal safety.

Traveling by yourself, with a group, or with a companion may determine how you approach safety.

On a cruise, everyone is so friendly and having such a great time that it is easy to lower your normal defensive guard.

You may especially lower your guard after drinking alcoholic beverages.

The cruise lines don't talk about it; but, there are great dangers aboard cruise ships, especially for women.

As large as cruise ships are these days, it is surprising how empty corridors are for short periods. A good rule of thumb is to move about the ship, whenever possible, with a companion or partner.

At the very least, move about the ship during times when many other passengers are also moving around.

For Safety Reasons,
Always Drink in Moderation

Pay attention to determine if anyone follows you, especially as you go to your cabin. Always make certain that your stateroom door closes securely. Do not assume that it will automatically lock.

Another factor of cruise safety is the security offered by cruise lines on their ships. Similar to police everywhere, cruise security personnel are not able to cover everything, all the time.

Talk to the cruise line (or your agent) about security provided on your cruise ship.

Sanitation Safety

You want to be safe from other people’s germs. You also want your cruise ship to follow closely all sanitation requirements.

Visit the Center for Disease Control for Cruise Ship Inspection Reports.

To protect yourself from other people’s viruses, take extra ordinary steps to keep your hands clean. Assume everything you touch is unhygienic.

Consider using sanitizers or antibacterial wipes for your hands, and a disinfectant in your cabin.

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