Cruise Tipping

Cruise tipping is an important and necessary expense of your trip. When determining what your cruise will cost, do not forget to include this expense.

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There are many variables, and different tip recommendations, due to differences among cruise lines.

Carefully read the information on your ship’s policy, and suggestion for tipping.

Normally, you tip your cabin steward, waiter and bus boy. Usually, the Maitre D’ (headwaiter) is optional.

You may also receive suggestions for tips to certain other staff members. For example, some cruise ships suggest you tip the Assistant Maitre D'.

Cruise lines provide recommendations as to whom and how much to tip. They may also provide you with envelopes to place your tips, usually the last evening of the cruise.

You are not required to follow their recommendations. Most people however do follow the tipping guidelines.

Many passengers tip extra for exceptional service.

They especially tip their cabin steward extra money for the "around the clock" (24/7) service provided. Of course, you may not need cabin service at three o'clock in the morning. But, if you're always calling your cabin steward you may want to show your appreciation by way of an extra tip.

By-the-way, servers automatically add tips to alcohol tabs as you incur them.

Therefore, if you plan to order drinks, have in mind some dollar amount above which you will not go.

This way, you will have control of your bar tab. With cruise tips of 15 to 20 percent, your bar tab can increase rapidly. Take care when ordering alcohol from servers.

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