Cruise Packing Tips

Consider These Packing Ideas

You go on a cruise to have a great experience. The best cruise packing tips are to pack to have a good time, and pack light.

But, include at least one dress up outfit.

You will want to dress up for "formal" picture taking and dining.

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Depending on the cruise ship, choose formal wear or a dark suite for men and evening wear for women.

Also, when packing casual wear, keep this tip in mind: cruise lines do not allow shorts, tank tops, swim wear and similar clothing in the Dining Room during dinner. Pack the appropriate casual wear for daily dining.

Cruise Packing Tips:

Take with you a carry on overnight bag. Although it rarely happens, sometimes your luggage arrives to your cabin very late or perhaps the next day.

{Possibly, but extremely rare, your luggage may not arrive for several days. However, don't worry about this possibility. See make it a cruise adventure.}

In addition, an overnight bag is useful for your last night at sea. The cruise line will ask you to set your luggage outside your cabin for pickup the night before the end of your cruise. Naturally, you do not want to wake up with everything packed and gone. What a sight!.

More Cruise Packing Tips:

Use the baggage tags provided by the cruise lines. It will help guarantee your bags make it to your cabin.

At the airport you are asked to set aside your luggage for transport to the ship. Your luggage is taken directly to the ship in trucks; and then to your cabin via the cabin number on your luggage tag(s). Your luggage is usually delivered to the outside of your door before you arrive to your cabin.

Consider using "hard shell" luggage to protect contents from damage due to luggage stacked five, ten or fifteen layers deep when trucked from the airport to the cruise ship, and back to the airport.

Naturally, with ships that accommodate several thousand people there are also thousands of luggage items. Your luggage may travel in these trucks at the bottom of stacks of other people’s luggage.  

If you plan to make purchases and bring items back home with you, give serious consideration to the luggage in which you will pack your items .

Also, consider taking an extra empty piece of luggage if you plan to make purchases. Otherwise, you may not have enough space to pack all your items. Do not forget to take into account the airlines' baggage limitations.

Perhaps you can use the extra piece of luggage for dirty clothes. Use the hard shell luggage for the new items you buy.

Also, give some thought to insuring your luggage and valuables.

Extremely important: Do not pack medication or other items you may need prior to arriving at your cabin. Once checked, you will not have access again to your luggage until they are delivered to your cabin.

Don't forget. If something goes wrong, look at it as a cruise adventure.

Happy Traveling!

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