Duplication Marketing

You engage in duplication marketing when you get others to follow your lead; to do what you do. That is how you leverage your time and efforts.

Essentially, every method of making large incomes depends on the techniques of duplication.

Every network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) program involves marketing based on duplication. In fact, isn't the vast number of retail outlets a form of one or two-tier duplication marketing?

The entire premise of MLM is for you to work a marketing program using a specific process of the company you join. The primary part of that process is to recruit other people who will do the same thing. In other words, the people you recruit also recruit other people. They work the program the same way you do - thereby duplicating what you do.

Promoters of network marketing programs say that all you need is three, four, or five “good” individuals to explode your income.

Is the above statement true?

The answer is both yes and no. The answer also depends on what is meant by “explode your income” or similar claim.

The answer is “Yes” because five people duplicating themselves five levels deep will give you 3,905 people in your network. If you make only one dollar per month on each of those individuals, you will of course earn $3,905.00 per month income.

Using the above example, if you only go four levels deep, you will earn fewer than 800 dollars. This is still decent extra money for many people. Simply increase the earnings per person from one dollar to five dollars on four levels of people and you are back to the $4000 per month range.

The above statement however is false if you think that the initial five people you recruit will, in turn, successfully recruit five others, and so forth, until you reach 5 levels deep. In other words, the duplication marketing process could (and most likely will) break down somewhere within those five levels. Of course, you could still make good money, simply not as much.

The catch: you may have to recruit (talk to) several hundred people in order to find those five individuals that become successful. That is to say that each of those five people also recruits to a depth of 5 levels.

A great way to start duplication marketing is to use the knowledge and resources of other people (OPK&R). You can save a lot of time and work.

The amount of time that each person can put into the program will influence the success rate. In addition, you must factor in the (true) cost of the MLM program. The higher cost of some programs will negatively impact the number of people you are able to recruit.

Lower cost opportunities seem to capture the attention of a large majority of people. It seems their thinking is to give it a try because there’s not much money involved. This way of thinking is probably why the few people at the very top of the organization make substantial incomes.

An inherent weakness of the traditional MLM program is the process they teach you to prospect and recruit others into the program. The process is to recruit family members and people you know. Also, you are to have one-to-one conversation with everyone you meet; and, telephone as many people as you can. Then, there are all the meetings to attend.

The above process is doomed to fail for the overwhelming majority of people. MLM programs, in fact, have had a very poor success rate. This is especially true when you factor in the sheer number of people that is processed through those programs.

With duplication marketing you have to generate a constant flow of prospects to ensure that you reach the (critical) number of people needed to guarantee a successful outcome for yourself. There is a very high drop-out rate of “recruits” among all types of programs, of every “description, make, and model”.

However, there has emerged a newer and more successful way of thinking about duplication marketing.

Think in terms of Inter-Network Marketing!

To become successful at duplication marketing you need a natural way to generate a constant flow of leads that want you to recruit them. You take the opportunity to convert those leads into prospects and then into customers. Once they become your customers you provide them with what they need to duplicate the things you do.

Instead of putting forth all your efforts toward supporting the process pushed by your MLM Company, put forth all your efforts toward supporting your own process. Create a process that will fit your qualities, your personality, and your mindset.

Use your MLM Company as only one of several monetizing programs you employ within your own process. Other monetizing programs you may employ are affiliate programs, search engine ads, selling ad space, and providing consulting services.

Having your own website (and, perhaps a Blog) is the best method to control the process by which you generate leads, recruit prospects, and establish multiple streams of income. 

You must have a way to routinely get people to read, listen to, or watch something from you that interest them; then, act on that interest. You need an ongoing flow of people.
Remember, online or offline, you may have to recruit hundreds of people simply to find one person that will become very successful within your organization.

Offline, you cannot recruit sufficient numbers to guarantee success.

However, if you embrace inter-network marketing you will have no problem finding the right individuals.

Why? / How?

Use the internet to “funnel” hundreds (perhaps, thousands) of people per week, month, or year through an automatic screening process.

You need not worry about a names’ list, cold calling, approaching friends, total strangers, and the like.

Get started with inter-network marketing and earn a residual income for life. There are some excellent informational websites that will get you started in the right direction . But, don't go for the hyped sales pages that only want to sell you information.

There are also many excellent (no cost) affiliate programs that will start you out in the right direction. Keep in mind however the vast differences among affiliate programs.

Site Sell is a two-tier duplication marketing program.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, especially those programs offered by major companies and organizations. If you are new to the affiliate marketing model, you will want to look at programs (for example, Site Sell) that offer a ton of in depth information, help, and the tools to help make you successful.

If you do not use a company like Site Sell (a two-tier program) you may feel confused and overwhelmed.

You will earn little money and eventually you will stop working the program. Of course, the little duplication marketing you accomplished will then go to waste.

Equally important for your success is to guard against those companies that charge a subscription fee. With some companies you must pay to become an affiliate. You may pay only a few dollars per month; but, many people never earn enough to cover even a small subscription fee.

You should watch especially for programs that ask you to pay an additional amount to advance to higher income earning levels or to use other services of the program. This could occur anywhere along the affiliate sign-up process.

Those companies referred to above may owe their success to subscription fees rather than to the success of their affiliates.

If you have a little money but not much time to lay the foundation of a website business, perhaps a “turn-key” website services is worth looking into.

For now, simply start with reading, studying, and organizing your thoughts around the concept of inter-network marketing. Use it to leverage your time and efforts through duplication marketing.

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