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Thank you for your consideration to exchange links. I am especially looking to work with sites that are not powered by SBI!

The information offered below is the best method to accomplish a twofold objective that will benefit both of our websites.

If you just want to link to this site (with no reciprocal link), skip to the section of this page that provides our HTML information.

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If you are an owner of SBI!, the below information is already familiar to you. Therefore, go to Site Central and then to the Value Exchange HQ (SBI!).

Please continue reading if you want my link in exchange for your link.

Our First objective is to provide relevant information to our readers.

Our Second objective is to implement a method by which search engines may rank our web pages favorably.

Of course, the most important reason for becoming exchange link partners is to give our readers the information they seek.

Therefore, links we provide our readers should send them to a web page that further supplement and/or complement the information we are giving them.

Furthermore, if the link provided is not "within context", it may appear more as a sales effort (ad) rather than a link to more relevant information.

An example of a "within context" link, of course, is the very first paragraph above that shows a link to Site Sell corporate home page.

Please do not, out-of-hand, dismiss the below "Value Exchange" program. There are many, many features to the program. I love all the features; but, the one that has saved me a ton of time is the automatic notification I receive when a link stops working.

The notification feature is great for link exchanges.

When a website drops your link (or it no longer functions) that is your cue to remove their link; because, they are no longer honoring the reciprocal agreement you both entered into.

Without the Value Exchange (or similar) program how will you know that your link is no longer functional?  

If you would like details on the links program; and why it is important to have a process to reciprocate links , please download and read the FREE e-book "Make Your Links Work".

Site Sell Value Exchange program is absolutely worth looking into.

This program is one way I approach link popularity and search engine rankings.

If you follow the advice and directions given in the free e-book, you (like me) will not be disappointed.

I prefer to exchange links through the Value Exchange program; because of the many benefits and automatic features that are included in the program.

If you are not a SBI! site, go below for an important message before deciding on not joining the value exchange program.

If you want to exchange links, please do the following:

Register for the Value Exchange program. It is FREE to join. While there, get your Free e-book - Make Your Links Work.

Once you log-in, look for us in your matching sites table. (You will also see many, many other sites that you may want to do a link exchange.) Please be patient and look for us. Contact me if you can not find the link for Cruise Vacation Advisor,

However, if you do not want to join the Value Exchange program, just copy and paste into your site the HTML information, below.

If the information we provide is relevant to your readers, please feel free to copy and paste the HTML information into your website.

Here is the HTML information.

This is how the linked text will look:

Cruise and Travel Info, Advice, Facts and Tidbits of Information:
Do you love to travel? Do you love to cruise? Avoid common mistakes and hassles. Take a peek.

(Feel free to use the color associated with your site. Simply replace "blue" in the code with your color.)

Alternate Copy

This is how the linked text will look:

Why Sell Cruises?
Sell cruises for fun, money or both. Learn how to cruise free.

(Feel free to use the color associated with your site. Simply replace "blue" in the code with your color.)

Important Message to Link Partners and Sponsors:

The "call-out box" below will appear on many pages of this website.

As a link partner here's the advantage of you registering with the free Value Exchange program.

As a sponsor you also receive extra benefits.

A word about Link partners: Working with other websites is one method by which we provide you with insightful suggestions, useful ideas, and sensible advice. See how you benefit.

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