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Using Expressly Yours automatic page-builder is how you can share your thoughts, knowledge, and all kinds of information. You can write a full article, and see it published on this website.

It's easy to do. It is fun and informative.

Don’t think you can write? Do you need a little instruction?


Go to “Write Website Content”. It is basic stuff; but, it’s great for submissions to Expressly Yours.

Choose any cruise and travel topic for which you have relevant information. Provide the information requested on the form.

The Page builder software automatically builds your web page using the information you provide.

Feel free to contribute in as many sections as you have stories to tell or relevant knowledge/information to share. 

Important: If you write an article, please use only original material. 

The information on this website is divided into themes. See the left navigation column for ideas. Choose any subject that interests you.

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By the way, the Cruise Vacation Advisor blog is an excellent way to stay informed about changes and additions to this website.

And, the Expressly Yours friend's list is an excellent way to get special information, tips, and advice relevant to the subjects discussed on this website.

OK, let's start.

Enter your title! See for yourself how easy it is to do.

Need more information?

Here is how the process works

You write your content (short or long) with up to four (4) optional uploaded photos.

(Any length is acceptable for your content giving tips and advice. The preferred length for articles is a minimum of 400 words; but, it is not necessary.)

After submission, you will see a Thank You page. You can edit (change) anything you do not like about your contribution. You can also decide if you want notification of when your submission has been published. If you like, you can get notification of when others comment on it.

You will receive an Auto-confirm email (only if you ask by checking the box) telling you that your submission is accepted.

Once your submission is accepted, the program builds a new web page (the photos may not appear for up to 30 minutes).

You will receive a live link to the page. You get this live link in the Auto-confirm email mentioned above.

That is it. That’s how it works.

Scroll down a little more to get started.

All you have to do is type in the information, upload photos if you like, and click the submit button.

It is easy. It is quick. It is fun. Don’t worry. You’ll get help in making a good submission. Every submission gets reviewed to ensure that visitors read only interesting, original material.

Do you have advice, a tip or information to share about anything travel related? Start the conversation.

Cruise and Travel Topic
~ Your Choice ~

Do you know any secrets?

Can you provide fellow travelers (readers on this website) with information so that they can enjoy the benefits, or avoid the agony of a bad vacation?

Do you have unanswered questions that other readers or I can answer for you?

Use Expressly Yours information sharing to network, help and be helped by fellow travelers.

It is as easy as writing an email.

Simply fill in the information below and we build the page using your information.

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