Fear of Cruising

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Fear of water is a common phobia associated with cruising.

In one way or another, most of the comments you hear pertain to "cannot swim" or "ship sinking". Comments about the "Titanic" are also common.

Surprisingly, many of the same people who will not take a cruise will fly on an airplane without much difficulty.

Cruising of course is safer than flying; and it is a lot safer than driving.

All cruise lines provide a sufficient number of lifeboats to hold every person on board.

In addition, all cruise ships carry a life preserver for every person and each ship conducts a life preserver drill at the beginning of every cruise.

Cruise ships are mega structures. They are several football fields long and many decks high. They do not sink easily or quickly. The odds of drowning due to a cruise ship sinking are astronomical.

Compare the odds of a cruise ship accident to that of an automobile accident and it may shock you.

Contrary to what some people may think, passenger cabins are not below water. In fact, all decks are high above the water line.

If you have a phobia about cruising, it is not likely that the above words will cause your fears to go away completely. Perhaps this website can help diminish them.

One Way To Control Your Fear of Cruising...

Make your first cruise a group cruise. In this way, everyone in the (affinity) group can serve as your support.

An affinity group is composed of people that come from a similar base, such as a church, club, association, family (reunion), and so forth. Typically, people in an affinity group know each other.

The above suggestion is applicable regardless of the fear you have about cruising.

With a group of people supporting you, your fear of cruising will lessen tremendously.

In fact, as an incentive, put the group together yourself and earn a cruise in the process.

Cruising is a great experience and lots of fun. Once you experience your first cruise, you will want to recapture that feeling over and over again.

Go for it! And, happy sailing.

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