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The Four W's

Where can you find
cheap cruises?
What are cheap cruises?

When can you find
cheap cruises?

Why cheap cruises?

There are four components to consider when you are looking to find cheap cruises. I refer to these four components as: What, When, Where, and Why.

Caution: You may want to focus on the general principles and not necessarily the specific information offered here (as guidelines).

The specifics are always subject to change, but an understanding of the overall principles puts you in a position to always find great prices.

When Can You Find Cheap Cruises?

Essentially, cruise lines constantly offer some type of discount on cruise ship cabins; therefore you are always in a position to find great deals. They especially offer steep discounts on cabins that are not sold by a certain period of time, prior to departure.

Generally, extremely steep discounts do not occur until after it is too late for previously booked individuals or groups to cancel their reservations, without incurring a cancellation penalty.

Therefore, one opportunity for great discounts is when you are very close to the ship's sailing date.

Some other opportunities include:

  • Steep discounts based on historical selling patterns. Previous sale patterns (say, for the past 5, 6 or 10 years) can show cruise lines which sailing dates, or periods of the year, are likely to result in slow or low sales.

  • A very competitive market. Discounts are offered in order to maintain or grow market share, or to hold off competition.

  • Enticing (or increasing) bookings for a new "brand" of cruise ships.

  • Bookings for a refurbished cruise ship.

  • Cheap repositioning cruises.

  • When there is increased potential for bad weather. For example, hurricanes can occur anytime but are more likely in the Caribbean during late summer through early November.

Yes! You can discover great opportunities for super discounts if you do not mind the cruise line routing your ship to other destinations to avoid bad weather.

Some people do not want a change of itinerary, while others prefer a great bargain, and not necessarily where the ship is sailing.

Your worth barometer is how you can determine the answer for yourself. {Worth (to paraphrase Webster) is that quality of a thing that lends importance, value, merit, etc. and that is measurable by the esteem in which the thing is held}.

There are other scenarios used by the cruise lines that can lead you to find cheap cruises. Identifying only one such scenario from among dozens of cruise lines could save you a lot of money.

Perhaps the easiest scenario to identify for heavily discounted cruises is based on booking your cruise very, very early; or, book your cruise very close to the sail date.

Happy Hunting!

The Four W's
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