How to Earn A Free Cruise

With some effort and a little work, you can go on a free cruise vacation at little or no out of pocket cost.

Yes, it does require effort and work on your part. In that sense, it is not free, even though it is tempting to say so.

In addition, you should team-up with a good travel professional, such as a travel agent, vacation planner, travel planner, etc.

Why Team With A Travel Professional?

In addition to receiving commissions from cruise lines to handle their booking process, travel professionals receive additional incentives to book groups. Usually, cabins or berths are part of the incentive package.

Companies provide these incentives because they sell their inventory (cabins) faster, when they sell them in bulk.

In addition, the agent earning the berth can now accompany the group, which is what the cruise lines want the agent to do.

The agent is in a position to handle problems the group may encounter. This way, the cruise lines work with one person (a knowledgeable professional) and not a group of individuals.

By providing a free berth, the cruise lines also benefit because the agent experiences first hand the company's "brand" and "product". Presumably, after his/her experience, the agent then is inclined to sell even more.

Other incentives may include free group cocktail party, free group picture, and so forth. Travel professionals have flexibility in mixing and matching the incentives offered.

How Do You Benefit?

You benefit by doing the necessary work to assemble a group. You can assemble an affinity group, or you can put together a promotional group.

Typically, an affinity group is composed of people that come from a similar base (church, club, association, family reunion, etc).

A promotional group is one you assemble through advertising, word of mouth, or other promotional means. A promotional group is typically composed of people that do not necessarily know each other.

In exchange for providing your travel professional with a "ready made" group, you negotiate to receive part, or the entire incentive package. In other words, you receive your free cruise.

Of course, your work may not stop at assembling the group. The additional work you may need to do depends on what you and your travel professional negotiate.

It may, for example, depend on the size of your group. You get no free lunch, as the saying goes. The more you work, the bigger the lunch.

Your out of pocket cost may include such things as taxes, port charges, fees, and other miscellaneous cost.

If you put in the effort and do the work, you can "earn" a great free cruise vacation.

It Is Easier Than You Think.

Find a travel professional that will work with you.

The following link may help: "Identify Your Perfect Cruise Planner - As Simple as ABC".

Happy Sailing!

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