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A Triangle for Success series of "what to know" reports

Unique Homebiz Reports are for the non-tech person, the new website builder, and the person new to the work-from-home business.

Please read the information below before you submit your email address.

If you are new to building a website, there is no reason to learn how to build a fancy site. You simply want a website that works to achieve your desired goal(s). Besides, you probably cannot compete with the “big boys”. There are millions of websites on the internet. You need a way to make your site stand apart from others.

I am not a sophisticated builder of websites. Cruise-Vacation-Advisor is simply a basic website. As you have seen or will see, there is nothing fancy about this website. It is just an informative site. Websites built thru various methods do run the gamut, from the simple to the very complex depending on the reason(s) you are building the site.

If you are in one of the above-mentioned categories, Unique Homebiz Reports will be especially useful to you, the solopreneur and/or infopreneur. Yes, think of yourself in terms of a Solopreneur. If you are not familiar with that term, you will come to understand the term thru the reports.

Unique Homebiz Reports - My selfish reason for them

Unique Homebiz Reports

Over the years, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about the important things one should know before one spends time trying to build an income-producing website; or, better yet, if one is trying to earn a living online. In fact, one homebiz report is about the use of OPK - “Other Peoples’ Knowledge”. I invite you to take advantage of my knowledge.

Over the years, I have put the things I know, my knowledge, into various pages and/or reports. These pages/reports have different titles because, in the past, I wrote them for different reasons and/or with different goals in mind.

Now, I am organizing these pages/reports into groups. One such group is Homebiz Reports Advisor. The groups, in turn, make up my “Triangle for Success” series.

I will provide these pages/reports to you FREE of charge, but not free of your time. I do have a selfish reason, which you will know of at the end of this page. {If you are still reading, you have fulfilled part of my ‘selfish reason’}.

Trust me when I say that there is a lot of information. Why, you may ask, is there so much information?

The obvious reason is that we are all different. Of course, our differences are not the issue. The issue has to do with that “eureka” moment you get when you truly understand the cohesiveness of the information presented. Understanding the formula for success is not difficult. The challenge is how to apply the proven formula to your specific situation, your differences, your lifestyle, your motivation, and so forth.

There will be times you think you have had that eureka moment only to learn otherwise. A continuous flow of information will help you take that next step, and the next step, and so forth.

The continuous application of the right information leads to continued MOTIVATION and PERSISTENCE. You must persist until you have that true eureka moment. Notice I said the right information. The information must not be sketchy. The information must be complete and cohesive. You must have detailed information, and you must weave it into a plan.

My goal, thus my selfish reason, is to motivate you with excellent information and easily understandable concepts that will allow you to take the final step in your quest for financial opportunities.

Homebiz Reports Advisor is but the first step in a series of steps to help get you to the final step.

Perhaps your quest is a lifestyle change. Perhaps your quest is additional income for retirement. Perhaps you are motivated to strengthen and improve an existing website or business. Perhaps you have a hobby or strong passion and you want to share the things you know, and the income is simply a bonus.

The final step I hope you take is to use the same affiliate program I used to build this website. I do not sell products or services. I only earn income thru ads, advertising, and affiliate programs. This is my ‘selfish’ reason for providing you with a multitude of Unique Homebiz Reports, all FREE to you. It would be a win-win situation.

Of course, I lose if I cannot convince you of the unique and special opportunity you have to follow my program to achieve your desired goal(s).

Perhaps however, I will not lose entirely. Blessings come in many ways.

For now, allow me to provide you with a preview of the first set of information you will receive. Periodically, you will receive a stream of additional Unique Homebiz Reports.

By now, you realize there is no quick or easy way to earn a long-term sustainable income, without first investing (up front) the time and energy in preparation to fulfill your goal(s).

Let us get started with the slow (like a tortoise), proven systematic process of building your knowledge base.

Four-page Unique Homebiz Reports:

  • Is it right for you?
  • Your passion is your edge.
  • Use your unique difference to your advantage.
  • Four steps to success.

{Note: You will receive additional pages/reports, periodically. Do not be in a hurry. Otherwise, you will not benefit from the above pages, nor future pages/reports}.

After you register, it is important that you read the welcome page, carefully.

Homebiz Reports Advisor

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