Hotel Room Upgrade

Many hotels offer frequent stay discounts. Ask for a hotel room upgrade instead of applying the discount. It may be a better value for you.

If you always visit the same city, stay at the same hotel. Get to know the staff. Upon check-in, politely mention that you are a frequent guest and ask if an upgrade is available.

If you are having a birthday, anniversary, or celebration, let the front desk know and ask for an upgrade.

When planning a meeting, family reunion, or party, negotiate hotel room upgrades as part of the contract.

The more bookings you can guarantee the hotel the stronger your negotiating position. Of course, always talk with several different hotels.

Do a little research on the occupancy rate of your preferred hotels. It may put you in a stronger negotiating position. The lower the average booked rooms the better your bargaining power.

Flexibility in your booking dates makes a difference.

If possible, contact hotels when you have several different booking dates, several different preferred hotels, and a guaranteed number of reservations  for your reunion, party, etcetera.

Another tip is to check out the business district if your stay is during the weekend or holidays. In addition, check out hotels that are popular with business travelers.

These popular hotels or hotels in the business district tend to have more higher-end rooms that are empty on weekends or holidays. You are more likely to receive a complimentary upgrade.

Finally, another point to make has to do with discounts, and not upgrades. Before checking-in, always ask if there is a lower rate for you class of room. Do this even if you booked your room the day before your arrival.

You may find that a better rate is available.

Of course, if applicable, do not forget to show that you are a member of AAA, AARP, or other discount groups.

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