Internet Travelbiz
How You Can Get Started
...and Why You Should Start Now.

There is no better time than now to start your online internet travelbiz. More and more people are looking for ways to earn additional income. They want to supplement their income, compliment their retirement, find a new career, or start a business.

Important: Triangle for Success is for anyone wanting to make money, online or offline. Building a website is not necessary.

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This special partition (TriangleForSuccess) has multiple sections. These sections are for readers interested in how to earn a living, or income, on the internet. At the end, you will be up and running with moneymaking opportunities.

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Again, this special partition is for you only if you are interested in earning a living online, or making additional income.

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The cost of starting an “internet travelbiz” is small. This is especially true when compared to the cost of opening a brick and mortar (off-line) travel agency.

In addition, compare the risk; and, you will find that the cost of owning a website travel agency is very low when compared to owning a brick and mortar travel business.

There are internet travelbiz companies that will help you start your own travel website. They provide access to a booking engine, back-office support, training, and more. Normally, they charge a one-time (set-up) fee. They also charge a monthly fee for website hosting, support and license requirements.

Some internet travel companies have “multilevel” marketing programs. You can earn additional income. You simply get other people to buy the same marketing program that you purchased.

The work-from-home travel business industry is still growing. If you start now, you could benefit from (let us say) the "push" that occurs as increasing numbers of people enter the field.

However, as more and more people enter the field it becomes difficult to earn larger and larger travel commissions. Large numbers of people will slice the "commission pie" thinner and thinner. (Let us call this the pull concept).

If you are to succeed in a work-from-home internet travelbiz, it is important to understand the "push-pull" concept. Click here for an explanation.

Are you interested in moneymaking opportunities?

If you have an interest in making money from home, get this special report: Getting into the Internet Travel and Cruise Business. {You can use this four-part special report for any hobby, or great passion you have}.  

Land and cruise vacation packages are not difficult to learn how to sell. Moreover, they pay higher commissions over booking hotel rooms, car rentals, and other such services.

Receive additional sources of income. Become an Affiliate of one or more companies. Usually, becoming an affiliate is free. Moreover, you do not need to build a website. These programs can work for you.

What is affiliate marketing? Essentially, affiliate marketing is about making money on the internet, with or without a website.

You can earn money with Google ads. You can also earn money from other advertisers placing their ads on your internet travelbiz website. 

If you become an affiliate, you get the tools necessary to build income. The affiliate tools are all free.

{Note: Affiliate sales tools mentioned above are not the same as the over 80 modules of (SBI! specialized) tools I used to build this website. 

Below is an example of three types of affiliate tools. This video happens to be long, but it is easy to place on a Website, Blog, or WordPress. Anyone can do it. You simply copy and paste.

The top example is an affiliate banner. Both the banner and the video come in different sizes.

The below (enlarged) business card is an example of another source of revenue. A business wanting to advertise on your site need not be a local business. Note the information below the card.

Solo Build It!

Hello, I am a personal event planner. Contact me if you or someone you know is interested in having a wedding, reception, or similar function in the Chicago-land area. I can provide references. Distance is no barrier. For example, I planned a wedding in the Chicago area even though both individuals lived in another state. I can provide reasonable live entertainment. Video example is available. Simply call, text, or email me to discuss details. I have very low overhead. Therefore, I provide excellent rates. Consultation is free. Email:

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