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How You Can Get Started...

...and Why You Should Start Now

There is no better time than now to start your work-from-home internet travelbiz.

More and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income, compliment their retirement, find a new career, or start a business.

If you fall into one of the above categories, the below information is definitely for you.

The cost of getting into the fast emerging internet travelbiz is a very small fraction of what it cost to open an off-line travel agency.

 In fact, in relationship to your risk, the start-up cost is so low that it is worth looking into owning an online travel business.

There are internet travel companies that will get you started by providing you with your own travel website, access to a booking engine, back-office support, training, and more.

Normally, there is a low one-time (set-up) fee and a monthly charge for website hosting, support and license requirements.

In addition to earning money by selling travel services, you could earn additional income by introducing others to the work-from-home travel business opportunity, if the company has an introductory or multilevel compensation program.

The work-from-home travel business industry is in its' infancy. If you start now, you could benefit from (let's say) the "push" that occurs as increasing numbers of people enter the field.

However, as more and more people enter the field it becomes increasingly difficult to earn larger and larger travel commissions, as the "pie" get sliced thinner and thinner (let's call this the "pull").

If you are to succeed in a work-from-home internet travelbiz (based on at least a two-tier compensation program) it is important that you fully understand the "push-pull" concept .

Click here for an explanation of how you can take advantage of the "push-pull" concept.

Are you interested in the work-from-home travel business?

If so, get my special report: Getting Into The Internet Travel and Cruise Business.

Land vacation packages and cruises are not difficult to learn how to sell. And, they pay higher commissions over booking hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel related services.

Receive yet another source of income by becoming an Affiliate 5 Pillar Club Member.

Take a look, joining the club is free, and you do not need to own your own website. This program can work for you.

You receive a Quick Start Guide, the 5 Pillar orientation guide and a 5 Pillar marketing guide that show you ways to build income, with or without a website (all Free when you join).

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