Jazz Cruises

Three Great Jazz at Sea Programs

Jazz cruises are very popular. There is only one thing better than taking a cruise and that is to take a theme cruise.

If you love to cruise and you love Jazz, you absolutely must check out the information below.

Man Playing Jazz Music

This web page introduces you to great cruises, and the company that promotes them. These sailings take place throughout the year and you will find that there is a jazz flavor for everyone.

A cruise sailing is typically for one week. However, some cruises are longer, such as the 2007 inaugural sailing of the North Sea Jazz Cruise - a 12-day affair.

Jazz Cruises, LLC (the promoter) is the first and the only producer and owner of full ship Jazz charters in the world.

They use Holland American as there preferred cruise line. Holland American has 15 premium cruise ships in their five-star fleet.

Different ships are used at various times for the annual cruise.

Prices are for cruise only, based on double occupancy, and they exclude certain charges.

Third and fourth passengers in the same cabin receive a discount from the double occupancy price. (Details are found on the website for each cruise program.)

Three Great Jazz Cruises

The Jazz Cruise, hosted by founder Anita E. Berry.

Dave Koz & Friends at Sea, hosted by Dave Koz.

Smooth Jazz, "The greatest party at sea"

All three programs have payment plans.

You may also want to view our web page on the Caribbean Islands.

Go here for a list of popular cruise lines, their web site address and phone number.

By the way, if you love dancing (or to dance yourself) check out Holland American's Dancing with the Stars at sea program.

Here is some of what they say on their website:

Meet the Pros, Learn the Steps
on these Theme Cruises

Glamour. Enchantment. Thrilling dancing. It’s all part of the incredible entertainment onboard as we proudly introduce Dancing with the Stars: At Sea.

On every Holland America Line cruise* guests will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in complimentary dance classes based on dance routines from the ABC smash hit show: “Dancing with the Stars.” This is your chance to learn the basics or new steps.

  • Compete in the Dancing with the Stars: At Sea competition. Following an early elimination process, finalists will have the opportunity to take to the main stage with Holland America Line professional dancers. One Cruise Champion will emerge, based on the highest combined point total from our panel of three judges as well as audience participation.

Click here for their web page.

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