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To make money on the internet, it is best to build your own website. If you do not plan to build a website, you will need to join one or more affiliate networks. As an affiliate, you sell the product, service, or information of another.

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Regardless of which method you use to make money, three things must happen if you are to enjoy success.

These three things are:

Let us refer to the above as VAC, or as the VAC concept. Before discussing VAC, we will look first at several general methods used to earn income without building a website.

Later, we will take a closer look at what VAC means and how it may influence what choices you make.

If you own a website the above three concepts are necessary if you are to make money on the internet. If you do not have your own website, you can start by looking at so-called "free" sites.

These free sites may be affiliate type-sites. You see them offered all over the World Wide Web.

Promoters of Free Sites promise that you can make money on the internet, starting today!

They promise that it is simple. All you have to do is "X, Y and Z". Of course, it is not as simple as the hyped sales pieces would have you believe.

Often (not always), the offer of a free site is just another way to obtain a qualified e-mail address. Because you have shown some sort of "interest”, you become a prime prospect for direct promotions of various offers. Alternatively, they target you for promotions to upgrade your "free" site (of course, at a cost to you).

Even if you never use the "free" site, you receive promotional offers constantly in the hope that you will one day make a purchase.

When you apply the VAC test, you may find that these free sites come up woefully short of what you would expect. Of course, those who provide these free sites usually will benefit even if you do not benefit.

The sale of a few products or services over hundreds of sites may mean little to each (individual) affiliate. However, these few sales collectively result in thousands of dollars of income to those who are the provider of these sites.

Meanwhile, you ultimately waste your time and efforts. You make little money, or worst, you lose money.

Notwithstanding the above caution, some people make money on the internet (in fact, an excellent income) using free websites. You simply have to find those that are best suited for you, and that is no easy task. If you have (a lot) more time than money then you should investigate free sites.

However, take your time. Do not rush. It is far better to investigate options properly, rather than to discover in a year or two that you are on the wrong track.

A well-defined Mission Statement is probably the best way to get started. It will help you to focus. Afterwards, you simply do good investigative work to find free sites that are best for you to make money on the internet.

If you do not like the idea of free sites, there is another method. You can purchase a fully developed, professionally designed website.

Generally, there is a set-up charge, and usually a monthly fee. Set-up charges and fees vary widely depending on the type of product or service the site will promote.

For example, you can purchase an on-line travel agency for a set-up fee, currently under $500. Usually, the monthly fee is less than $50. The monthly fee is for a travel booking engine, licensing, ongoing support, and so forth.

If you are interested in the, booming, on-line travel agency industry, you should read this four-part Special Report. It is a report on “laying the foundation for a successful on-line travel business”.  

There are also fully stocked merchandise sites. These sites allow you to offer (anywhere from) a few items to several thousand items of merchandise. You can determine your own profit percentage. In addition, they allow you to set different profit percentages for different merchandise.

Then, there are "reseller" stores that you can get for a yearly fee and no monthly charges.

Once again, you should evaluate these "purchased" websites through the lens of the VAC concept.

You can make money on the internet if you take the long-term view. You must be prepared to build your successful internet business through persistent hard work. You must take the right approach, and you must use the right tools.

Yes! You can apply the proven techniques discussed in the Special Report mentioned above toward any product, service, hobby, passion, or interest. It is not just for travel.

Finally, check out this website if you want to combine the power of affiliate marketing with a low-cost (less than one dollar per day), high performing website. You build a website and earn income as an affiliate marketer.

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