Making Money On The Internet

The use of Videos is one of the new trends for making money on the internet. The theory is to create many videos and simultaneously host them (for free) on dozens, if not hundreds, of web sites.

In other words, you use the websites of others to promote what you are selling.

Naturally, you should offer a good product or service as the best long term method to convert traffic (viewer ship) into sales.

You can create videos somewhat cheaply, but it does require a fair amount of time to create, edit, and upload them to hosting sites.

The good news is that you can save valuable time by utilizing a service to automate major portions of the creating, editing and uploading process.

However, you guessed it, there is a cost. Typically, you pay a set-up charge and a monthly fee, both of which can vary widely among vendors.

As with most ventures, while investigating opportunities for making money on the internet you must weigh the relative importance of two assets, your time and your money.

You know of course that pouring money into a venture will not ensure success.

Only by having the right tools, understanding and utilizing the correct process can you increase your opportunity for making money on the internet.

Certainly, enough money may give you "staying power" until you perhaps achieve your objective. But, this theory of staying power assumes you are providing an in-demand product or service. Even if you are providing an in-demand product or service, it is still a risk.

You do not want to spend thousands of dollars over several years only to realize that you are never going to make a profit.

You should however expect to incur some cost. But, you can build a successful internet business without putting thousands of dollars into other peoples’ pockets.

To minimize cost, it will take the right tools, the right process and enough time to implement that process. You should not expect quick results. Therefore, patience is the order of the day.

What is VAC?
OK, let’s take a look at (VAC). Making money on the internet requires three things to happen. Recall that VAC stands for:

  1. Visibility
  2. Attract
  3. Convert

By some estimates there are currently over 75 million websites on the World Wide Web. Not all sites are active nor are they all in the business of making money on the internet.

You must still find your way through the clutter. Visibility is when your offer is found by those who want, need or desire what you are providing.

By-the-way, you can provide your own original information and thereby become an Infopreneur. Before you start to think that you have nothing to say or that you do not have the ability to become an Infopreneur you should read this information.

It will perhaps open your eyes about various possibilities for making money on the internet that you may love to do, but had not previously considered.


...For you to get found by the people you are targeting, you can pay for advertising and various other outreach methods, or you can use a proven process for getting Free targeted traffic (potential customers) to view your offer. This proven process is referred to as the C-T-P-M process.

This is where things get a bit tricky, depending on which method you plan to use in promoting your product, service, or information.

You must have the right process and you should take the time to properly implement that process in conformity with the type of method you will use for making money on the internet.

If you own a website, plan to build a site, or if you plan to purchase a customizable site see this video tour for an explanation of the C-T-P-M process.

You will get a full understanding and appreciation for why this process is the only way you can guarantee that your website will succeed.

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Making Money On The Internet

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