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Three basic reasons why our outgoing cruise links will benefit you.

We research, we invite sharing, and we link to other sites.

As you may know, links are the connectors that keep the life-blood (information) of the World Wide Web flowing through the arterial of the internet.

Links make it possible for you to access massive amounts of information from which you can get the information you seek.

Of course, the problem now becomes the sheer volume of the information that is available. There is simply not enough time to read everything. Therefore you quickly click from one site to another.

It may take some time before you find a website you really enjoy and that provides you with relevant information.

Once you do locate a website like Cruise Vacation Advisor, you want to save time by "linking out" only to those sites that benefit you the most.

First Reason Why Outgoing
Cruise Links Will Benefit You

  • You get Links to other sites within the context of the information you are reading. In addition, a new window opens so that you may easily return to your previous location.

What this means to you is that once you are on Cruise Vacation Advisor website and find information you seek, I will only send you to similar information. Web pages that compliment or supplement the subjects you are reading.

Example: if we are discussing passports, you may see something like this:

For more information, go to the government’s web page on passports.

When you click the link, a new window opens. You can browse anywhere within that site. You can bookmark, or save the website to your favorite’s list.

Close the window (or switch tabs) and you are back to your previous location.

Second Reason Why Outgoing
Cruise Links Will Benefit You

  • I Review Sites before suggesting that you visit them. My goal is to ensure that the other sites have information to compliment or supplement the information on this website.

There's ongoing research to improve the information you receive. Return often for updates. Or, easier yet, subscribe to the blog and get updates automatically (no email address necessary).

Here is The Third Reason

  • I Invite Others to share their information using outgoing links from their website to appropriate web pages on this site. In addition, they can request a link exchange.

Please use the Contact Me form to tell me of any problems. Especially let me know if the information given herein does not conform to your experience.

Throughout this website, I invite you to share your knowledge using Expressly Yours automatic page builder. This is not a commercial travel website. We do not sell travel services. Therefore, I welcome, I want your participation.

Thank You. Click the link, below.

Do you have advice, a tip, or information to share about anything travel related?

Share it with this automatic page builder.
Do a quick read. It is very easy to use

Here is how the process works

You write your content (short or long) with up to four (4) optional uploaded photos. Pretend your are send friends a long email

(Any length is acceptable for your content giving tips and advice. The preferred length for articles is a minimum of 400 words; but, it is not necessary.)

After submission, you will see a Thank You page. You can edit (change) anything you do not like about your contribution. You can also decide if you want notification of when your submission has been published. If you like, you can get notification of when others comment on it.

You will receive an Auto-confirm email (only if you ask by checking the box) telling you that your submission is accepted. Once your submission is accepted, the program builds a new web page (photos, if any, may not appear for up to 30 minutes).

You will receive a live link to the page. You get this live link in the Auto-confirm email mentioned above.

That is it. That’s how it works. See your article published on this website. Start now.

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