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A Different Kind of Website

As you Preview Cruise Vacation Advisor you will notice a different kind of travel and cruise information.

The over-all aim of Cruise Vacation Advisor is to provide you with facts, ideas, advice and tidbits of information to make your trip a great, great experience. In fact, Da-z-z-ling is the one satisfying word about your cruise experience that would signal, Mission Accomplished!

Cruise Vacation Advisor discusses the intangible factors that make for a great vacation, not the specials and itineraries. We do not sell travel services.

This site goes into details of the "how to" of planning for travel; and, the "how to" of identifying a good travel agent.

It seems that when making travel plans the first thing most people do is look at travel specials and itineraries; perhaps, they look at reviews and destination information. However, a great trip starts from the time you get the idea, as well as good preparation.

As you Preview Cruise Vacation Advisor you will find a different kind of travel and cruise information.

You'll get information on "why" you should approach travel and cruise planning with certain types of relationships in mind. You will also get information about free, cheap, or discount travel.

When you preview Cruise Vacation Advisor you will find that I refer to travel professionals by various titles. I use different titles (willy-nilly, so to speak) to stress the point that much of the information provided is transferable to any area of travel, regardless of specialization.

As you read, feel free to use whatever title you prefer. For example, interchange cruise agent for vacation planner, travel professional for travel agent, cruise planner for trip advisor, travel agent for cruise agent, and so on. You will get information later on the things to look for in a good (great) travel professional. You’ll get information on how to “rate” your agent.

This web page, Travel Agent, Trip Advisor, etc. What's in a Name? provides insight as to why you can interchange titles.

Of course, if you have never used a travel agent, you may want to start with this web page: What is a Travel Agent or Three Great Reasons to use an agent.

The primary structure of Cruise Vacation Advisor is three-tiered

Of course, the Home Page is tier-one.

The links in the navigational column on the left side (except for the Home Page) will take you to tier-two pages.

Tier two pages have links that will take you to various third tier pages.

However, you will not see all third or fourth tier pages. You can only get to those “hidden” pages when you click the appropriate link within the tier-two page. 

Triangle For Success: Are you interested in building a niche-oriented (income-producing) website?  On this website, you will find information and/or links to assist you. Note: your "niche" need not relate to travel. It can refer to any hobby or love of a subject.

The purpose for the above method of navigation is to provide you with organized, interrelated information as a grouping.

You will also find links to other websites (trusted advertisers and partners) that provide you with information related to the subjects on this site.

There are sections (password required) designed to provide 'how to' information for establishing your own online business.

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