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While some particulars over time may change for different types of travel itineraries, you should find that the general thrust of the information is common to all travelers; and, all types of travel arrangements.

Our mission is to provide accurate information; insightful suggestions; sensible advice; and useful ideas to the traveling public.

The above informational pages are designed for quick reading; actually, very quick reading, giving you sensible cruise and travel advice, and golden ti-bits of information.. The idea is simply to get you thinking about the subject matter on these pages as you plan your great escape, land or sea vacation.

However, the best advice is to not let things bother you if you miss something. Just make it a cruise adventure.

Choose the subject corresponding to the information you seek for a very quick reading of some things to think about as you plan your DA-z-z-ling vacation get away; or, simply a trip of peace and quiet.

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