Safety Tips
Before Leaving Home

What are some important factors about safety tips before leaving? They are where you live, proximity of friends, relatives, neighbors, your security measures, and even your luggage name tags.

The above factors, and others, may also influence when you travel and for how long you will take your vacation. It is a good idea, if possible, for someone to do checks on your home while you are away.

A pile of mail is a tell tale sign that no one is home. Also, accumulated mail is an invitation for mail theft which can lead to identify theft.

Safety Tips Before Leaving

Stop newspapers and other deliveries. When leaving home for an extended period of time have your mail held at the post office, and not delivered to your home where it may accumulate.

It is a good idea to give the appearance that someone is home by having interior and exterior lights turned on and off by someone you trust.

Or, you can use automatic timers to do the job for you.

Of course, perhaps noting is better than a great home security system. Leave information with your local police department on an emergency contact, or how they can contact you.

Luggage Tags:

How you use luggage name tags is a factor not often thought of when you think about travel safety tips before leaving home.

For example, when you are waiting in line to get your ticket or check your luggage can someone read the name and address, or telephone number, on your luggage tags?

Oftentimes you see baggage name tags that are exposed for any one to see and read. A quick check of your address by a thief (or group of thieves) could confirm that your residence is vacant.

Of course, as suggested above, you can do things to give the appearance that your home is occupied. But, it will not hurt to hide your name and address from prying eyes and those looking to take advantage while you are away from home.

Check with the post office, police department and perhaps your insurance company for additional safety tips before leaving on your trip.

Happy Returns!

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