Why Sell Cruises

Sell Cruises for Fun, Money or Both.

Do you have a love for cruising? Do you want to cruise free? If so, promote cruises for fun, money or both. It’s easier than you think.

The two most obvious reasons for selling cruises are for the opportunity to earn money, and to travel free.

You may consider a third reason along the lines of a tax-deductible expense. (More on this later).

In addition, cruising is definitely a good way to visit many places you may not have normally considered visiting.

Seven-day cruises will take you to four or five destinations. Take several of these one-week cruises, and perhaps one or two weekend cruises and you will have visited fourteen to seventeen destinations.

Oftentimes, during the course of a one-week cruise, you will have the opportunity to stay at a location for the entire day. Cruise ships often travel during the night and arrive at port early morning, and leave late evening.

This type of itinerary gives you the opportunity to get a "good look" at your destination. Go on a guided tour, or do a self-tour by taking a (half-day) cab ride. Better yet, team with another couple or several individuals to split the cost.

The cab rates are very (in fact, extremely) good. Usually, the per-person cost of a half-day cab ride is no more than that of a guided tour. Note: you should strongly consider following the cruise ship's recommendation on where to obtain cabs.

If you find that you are in love with a particular destination you can return at some future date to stay for a full week (or longer), perhaps at an all-inclusive resort.

Earning money is a good reason to promote cruises

In fact, by selling group cruises you can earn extra money and cruise free by taking advantage of the cruise lines’ promotion of providing free staterooms based on the number of cabins you sell.

For example, a promotion may provide you a free cabin for say every 14 cabins you sell based on double occupancy. Sell cruises to fourteen couples and receive one free cabin.

Continuing with the above example, sell to twenty-eight couples and you receive two free cabins. Keep one cabin for yourself and sell the other to earn even more money. These free cabins are in the same value category as the group cabins.

See the link below on How To Earn A "Free" Cruise.

Mentioned earlier was the concept of a tax-deductible expense for traveling. If you have a passion for traveling you can establish a business and write off your cruise cost as a tax-deductible expense.

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