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Hello again,

The first page of About the Author gave reasons why I built this website. This page tells how this website came about and how you can benefit from my experiences.

The Start of My Journey

The travel industry suffered extreme changes in the late 1990’s. Travel agencies began closing their doors. The number of travel agencies, by some estimates, dropped from over forty thousand to less than twenty thousand. This happened within a span of approximately 5 years.

The internet revolution within the travel industry was in full swing.

I did not fully understand this internet thing as it related to travel; but I knew more and more people were using the internet for travel related purposes. Today, the use of the internet seems obvious; but; that was not the situation back then.


Off I went on my internet journey to learn what I could about doing travel over the internet. I wanted to learn everything I could about building an internet travel business. I wanted to learn how to make a living online. I preferred the travel industry but looked at many other opportunities.

After three years of trying various (so-called) opportunities, I was no closer to “making a living online” than I was three years previously.

In fact, I started a couple of websites; and, I made absolutely no money. I didn’t receive one check. The idea of having a page like about the author was a long way from reality.

I want to share with you what I discovered (after three long years) as to why I had not been successful on the internet.

For The Author - The End Of A Three Year Odyssey

I discovered that to make a living (or simply to make money) on the internet, it is not enough to have just a website or blog. It makes no difference if the website/blog is one you built yourself or one that is a company provided website. Perhaps you’ve tried a free or replicated website; or, some other type of site by another name.

If you do not have the right knowledge, the right tools, and the right process, your website or blog will fail. These three factors are at the base of your triangle for success. Without them, your failure is inevitable.

The good news for you is that those three factors are easily attainable. However, a triangle has two sides - along with a base. Those two sides represent the personal factors.

What are those personal factors?

The personal factors one must have for success are a strong passion (or a great desire, or hobby of love) along with motivation. Of course, another personal factor you must 'bring to the table' is your brain, which is the base of your Triangle for Success.

Your brain brings together the right knowledge, the right tools, and the right process.

I wrote a special report to share what I learned. The report is for you if you want to establish an internet presence and make money, or a living, online.

Who knows! Perhaps YOU will soon have a page on your website about you as an author. It is a great way to have an online presence.

The name of the report is Tri4Success. When you sit down to read the report, simply bring to the table the personal factors associated with your triangle.

The Triangle for Success special report outlines what you must do to establish your success triangle.

Sorry. Tri4Success special report is no longer free. It is undergoing revisions along with a series of 'lessonplans'. 

Use the Contact Form below if you would like more information. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date as to when the report will become available.

However, the bonus e-book below is still yours for the taking. It is a PDF file.

Or, you can print a copy of this e-book and review it offline. Just right-click the image below and save it to your computer.

Firefox and Chrome users click 'Save link as...'. Internet Explorer users click 'Save target as...'.

The 48-page e-book (Netwriting Master Course) compliments the 'Tri4Success' report. The book is a great addition if/when you decide to follow through with the recommendations in the report.

I suggest however that you wait to read the e-book. At least wait until after you have reviewed this page.

Nevertheless, you will get the free e-book, immediately  on clicking here - Download Now.

Sincerely, yours for success, Sam

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