Theme Cruises

Theme cruises provides an opportunity to enjoy and indulge in a special interest, passion, or hobby.

You can find theme cruises for every type of general interest, as well as for some very specific areas. These types of cruises also include related shore excursions.

Of course, you should definitely use the services of a good travel agent/planner if you take escorted tours. You avoid potential problems and headaches from making mistakes when arranging shore excursions. See this webpage on guided vacations.

The following list gives you some idea of the variety offered (of course, there are also sub-categories within many areas):

Jazzy LadyJazzy Lady
  • Adventure travel
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Dance
  • Films
  • Food
  • Games (Poker is currently very popular)
  • Golf
  • Health and fitness
  • History
  • Lectures
  • Murder mystery
  • Music (For example, see this web page about Jazz Cruises)
  • Photography
  • Religion
  • Singles
  • Special guest speakers
  • Spiritual
  • Wellness
  • Wine
  • and so forth.

Most cruise lines offer some type of specialty cruise. It is advisable to book early because many of these sailings are very popular.

If you cannot find a theme cruise to fit your needs you can have one designed for you. Tom Joyner, a national radio personality, was “the first to charter an entire cruise ship and customize the experience to his guests. The Fantastic Voyage was the first, and it’s still the best” (Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage).

Take a specialty cruise to enjoy your favorite hobby, learn a new skill, increase your knowledge, or simply to do something different.

Theme cruises are a great way to
discover and learn while you travel.

In fact, you may want to consider organizing a group for something you, your family and friends would enjoy. By organizing such a group you could receive your cruise for free. 

See the following related web page for more information: How to "Earn" A Free Cruise. Consider this approach a simple no-hard-sell approach. Usually the group you organize are the people you know. And, many of them will approach other people they know.

Another suggestion is to cruise free as a speaker. You share what you know based on a hobby, passion, or special interest.

You could also start your own informational website based on your passion, hobby, or special interest. The purpose of building your own website is to develop a base of visitors/customers. You "monetize" your website, and use that income to travel and cruise to your “heart’s content”.

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