Travel Planner
(A Profile Question Example)

As discussed here, a travel planner uses profile questions as key elements in planning a successful trip for you.

Note: See Travel Agent - What's in a name.

Also discussed was how a travel professional uses profile questions to accomplish three aims.

Now, let’s look at an example.

Let us say your travel agent informed you of the new requirement that you need a passport to take a cruise. You do not have a passport, and in order to get one you need your birth certificate.

Agent asking profile question

At this point, two things are occurring.

You know that you have a birth certificate, but it is a photocopy. You may or may not know that a facsimile is unacceptable. You need of course a certified state, city or county copy of your birth certificate.

The following is a small matter for a good agent, but potentially a big hassle for you.

Does the agent simply inform you that you need to get a passport, perhaps thinking you have a valid birth certificate?

On the other hand, does the agent discover (for himself/herself) the fact that your certificate is not an original or certified copy? If so, does s/he inform you that you need to acquire one?

Importantly, does s/he inform you of how to acquire a state certified Birth Certificate? Does s/he offer to assist you by providing you with the address and phone number of the vital statistics office where you were born?

Would instructions on how to apply for a certified birth certificate be helpful to you?

Better yet, would you not say that providing you with an application is more helpful?

Perhaps the above points, taken individually, are small matters but each of the above points can represent a hassle for you.

For passport information, go to the U.S. government's website.

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A good travel planner can save you time and frustration.

Undoubtedly, the best weapons of a travel professional are the right profile questions for the trip you plan to take.

Profile questions that are designed to identify areas to provide assistance, and keep you as a happy and repeat customer.

Identify the travel agent that is right for you, and enjoy hassle free trip planning.

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