Cruise and Travel Upgrades

When it comes to cruise and travel upgrades, many travelers pay heavily for them. Alternatively, they cashed in tons of frequent flyer miles or loyalty points.

However, there are some tips on working the system that may land you some freebies, extra benefits, or upgrades.

Many people already know that frequent fliers, frequent cruisers, frequent car renters, and frequent quest at hotels receive benefits that the occasional traveler does not receive.

If you are an occasional traveler, to receive extra benefits, you (or someone acting on your behalf) will need to contact someone above the “clerk level” to get approval. Sometimes, that person is in upper management. Other times you must get approval from a special department within the company that handles such request.

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If you travel regularly, or plan to travel often, it is worth the experience of making the effort to get upgrades or extra benefits. Who knows? You may discover other things that will help you in future travels. At the very least, you would have talked to someone that may serve as a good contact person, in the future.

If you travel often, you may automatically receive extra benefits. You receive these extra benefits usually through some type of "tier" process. This tier program automatically increases benefits according to the number of times you use their services.

 New Cruisers may find a nugget or two
of information they can use, about travel upgrades.

If you are an occasional traveler, here is a general tip to keep in mind. You should dress well. A passenger in nice business attire or neat casual clothing is more likely to get what they ask for.

In addition, it helps to have as much flexibility in your schedule as possible. It is amazing how a few hours scheduling flexibility can make a difference to whether you travel in style or not.

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Sometimes you can find certificates and specials on the airline, car rental, hotel, or Cruise Company’s website. A general rule of thumb in many situations is to simply call and ask the company representative if there are extra benefits available. 

In addition, travel professionals often receive extra benefits from cruise lines, or other companies, that they pass along to their own good customers. Of course, if you do not ask you will never know if they would have given it (them) to you.  

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