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Taking a cruise is a great experience. Using merchandise such as a camera or camcorder will help you preserve memories of those experiences for years to come.

Some types of merchandise may provide comfort on your cruise, such as dress wear, swimwear, sunglasses or sun tanning lotions.

Although it is not necessary, for those casual days of going about the ship consider taking a pair of foot ware designed for wet surfaces. You never know about weather conditions.

Then, there are other types of merchandise that may provide for your listening pleasure, or how you feel. Note that cruise lines may not allow you to use blue tooth speakers outside of your cabin. Check with your travel professional (or the cruise line) about their policies on electronic equipment.

Also, let’s not forget about how you may tantalize the senses with your favorite perfume or cologne.

A word-of-caution: purchase products well in advance of your trip. Put to use all items you intend to take with you. Know how to use the items before you go on your trip.

This caution about Travel Merchandise is
Especially True for Electronic Equipment

Important: Even though you will use the equipment before you travel remember to take the instructions with you. Later, you may not remember the things that are fresh in your mind immediately after buying an item.

Make purchases well in advance of your trip. Give yourself time to return or exchange merchandise that does not perform as expected. You should know beforehand if everything you take with you meets or exceeds your expectations. You do not want any surprises.

Also, as recommended in packing tips, a good piece of hard shell luggage may provide you with some piece of mind about items becoming damaged.

Using hard shell luggage is especially good due to airline restrictions about liquids, lotions, and other products that you cannot (or, may not want to) take with you on the plane, in your carry-on luggage.

Even with hard shell luggage, consider using leak proof containers or baggies for those items that could prove troublesome if spilled or damaged. Remember, during transport, your luggage may find its' way to the bottom of the luggage pile. Recommended: Read the page on packing tips.

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