Travel Agent, Trip Advisor, etc.

What's In A Name?

Travel professionals go by many names. Travel agent, trip advisor, travel consultant, cruise planner, cruise agent, trip planner and travel planner are a few such designations.

Of course, including the word professional (such as professional trip planner) adds to an already long list.

World Map with Travel Agents

A key question is whether these descriptions are important to the public. A secondary question is whether the travel professional thinks they are important.

How about you, do you care about the title of the professional you use?

Regardless of how you answer, (yes, no, it depends, or it doesn't matter), the bottom line is whether the services offered will fulfill your needs.

Are you a "happy camper" at the end of the day?

Are you encountering many hassles in planning your trip or vacation?

Did you use a trip advisor?

Did you use a trip consultant?


Did you use a cruise agent?

Is There A Difference Between
A Travel Agent and A Cruise Agent?

Clearly, some titles suggest more of a specialized service.

Undoubtedly, travel professionals use labels to show their area of specialization. However, no one would suggest that only a cruise agent can provide the required services of booking a cruise in a superlative way.

A travel professional referred to as a trip advisor (or any other title) may have the capability of doing a superb job, even though that job deals with cruising.

What about the reverse? Can a travel agent perform the functions of a cruise agent, and do so equally well? That depends of course on the background and experience of the agent.

Many travel professionals use multiple designations.

You may contact a trip advisor, but get a great, great "cruise" agent, or vice versa.

Conclusion: Don't worry about the title.

But, this leads us to another very important question.

Can you identify a travel professional which is right for you, regardless of label?

To answer this important question, see Identify Your Perfect Cruise Planner - As simple as ABC.

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What's In A Name?

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