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Push - Pull

Your work-from-home travelbiz will benefit by understanding the concept of push-pull.

Think of your on-line travel business as having two purposes.

The first purpose is the sale of travel services, such as cruises, airline tickets, car and hotel rentals, vacation packages, and so forth.

Traditional travel agencies focus only on the first purpose. It is when you add the second purpose that you create the concept of "push-pull".

The second purpose of your travel business is based on the concept of network marketing. It is when you introduce the (business side) opportunity to others.

The push-pull concept refers to a twofold dynamic process. It is a process that occurs as people start to enter the (work-from-home travel business) marketplace.

The first part of this process pertains to why you benefit by becoming among the first to "network" your work-from-home travel business.

The second part of the process pertains to how you will benefit.

The Push Concept

Essentially, your travel business will grow larger and larger as new people get their own travelbiz. It is the new participates that will create the explosive growth as people start to see the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a great business opportunity.

This rising tide of new participates will especially "push" (grow the business of) those who start early.

There is one other point to make. Eventually, work-from-home travel businesses will find it difficult to continue to grow at a pace similar to those businesses that started at an earlier stage. Therefore, the earlier you start, the better for you.

The Pull Concept
Attract Customers to Your Travelbiz

The huge growth in the number of on-line travel businesses will "pull" (travel) commissions into smaller and smaller segments. In other words, an increasing number of travel-related businesses will share the same pool of travel commissions.

The better you are at attracting (pulling) customers to your travel website, the more likely you are to maintain your share of travel commissions. You are also more likely to survive the eventual decline in new participates.

But, network marketing is here to stay. To become a successful internet entrepreneur it is more important than ever to understand the concept of duplication marketing.

It is important to realize however that you must initially focus on performing the first purpose (the push cycle) of your travelbiz website…

…and, as the concept of the "push" cycle enters a mature stage of development, you should already have in place a solid foundation. This solid foundation will help you to withstand difficulties as it become harder to sell the (business side) opportunity.

In other words, you must have established a method by which you can generate a continuous flow of good prospects to your site. This will assure that you maintain and or increase your share of travel commissions

An understanding of "attraction marketing" will help you to accomplish the above task.

Simply having a travel business and website is not enough.

Go here for a four-part (on-line) Special Report that will show you a method by which you can lay the foundation to generate a continuous flow of people to your (travel) site.

You will get people who are ready-to-buy customers for your travel services, and prospects for the business opportunity you offer.

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