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Effective 07/01/13

The "call-out box" below will appear on many pages of this website. This includes all or most tier 2 pages.

As a link partner here's the advantage of you exchanging links through the free Value Exchange program.

Every visitor to this site will get exposed to the call-out box.

Call-out boxes throughout the site provides much more opportunity for your link to get viewed. This is important because visitors to the site can enter from any of the pages indexed by the search engines.

Equally important is that those same visitors may leave the site after visiting two or three pages. The call-out box format increases the likelihood of them seeing the box; and, clicking a link within the box.

As a sponsor you get the same benefit of additional exposures for your ad, at no additional cost.

A link in the box takes readers directly to the page where your link is displayed.

Furthermore, when new partners/sponsors are added (or deleted) you get yet more exposure when the Blog is updated for that page.

See for yourself by subscribing to the blog for Cruise Vacation Advisor. You will get instant notification about changes and additions when pages are added or updated. No e-mail address is necessary.

In addition, you get a second, in-context link, on a page of your choice, providing no other partner has that page; i.e., there are limited opportunities. Read now and get started.

You don’t get this on other sites. On many sites, you get one link; often, it is on a page with dozens of other links. You're lucky if you can find it. A worst scenario is that your link may get moved or dropped if the site is updated or changed.

To our valued sponsors:
As a sponsor (advertiser), in addition to the web page of your choosing you get a free listing on the partners' page.

For the same reasons stated above the partner’s page also gives you extra exposure.

Click here to learn how to get another listing, free. (coming soon).

To other interested parties:
Click here for a free listing if you are not a niche oriented, content-rich website; i.e., a non-exchange partner (coming soon).

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A word about Link partners: Working with other websites is one method by which we provide you with insightful suggestions, useful ideas, and sensible advice. See how you benefit.

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