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As you begin to write website content, do not worry about such things as form, style, or grammar. Do not worry if you don’t know all that you desire to know. The information in this section will help you start (and finish).

Follow this simple instruction: start writing content for your website by getting your ideas (what you know) on paper. Use a text editor or word processor if those tools are comfortable for you.

Do not worry about grammar, sentence structure, or the like. Do not worry about what you should write/type first. In fact, you do not have to start by writing complete sentences. Simply write down a few ideas about what you want to write.

{At this point, it is important that you do not take time to correct mistakes with spelling, grammar, or anything else. Otherwise, you may lose your thought process. You may lose the 'essence' of that which you were thinking. All corrections will come later in the process. Trust me on this warning.}

Under each idea, write a little something about what you know of that subject. The website building process comes later. For now, just get information on paper, written or typed. In addition, later, you can study/research additional information you may want to add under each idea.

If you simply do not believe that you can write website content, use your lack of belief as a challenge.

While following the above suggestion of getting your ideas on paper, you will learn something about writing. You will discover that learning to write website content is not that difficult.

{Simply get started. If you prefer, think of this as practice. Note: There will be more information for subscribers of Homebiz Reports Advisor.}

Forcing your mind to learn how to write is also a great way to start exercising your mind. See this 'ezine' article.

Now, do this short exercise to discover for yourself how easy it is to start writing content for a web page.

Look at the above information. Start at the top – the first paragraph. Stop after the link for "exercising your mind".

All you see are a series of short paragraphs and sentences expressing a series of ideas. Isn’t that right?

Look again.

Pretend each sentence is one under the other. Each of the sentences expresses an idea. Then, the ideas are strung together into paragraph to express a concept.

Do you see it now?  Click here for page two. The sentences are one under the other - rewritten for you.

Go to page two, before proceeding.

You CAN Write Website Content.

Let us analyze the information. There are...

314 -- Number of words
1489 - Number of Characters
 9  --- Paragraphs
 26 --- Sentences
 2.8 --- Average number of sentences per paragraph
12.0 -- Average number of words per sentence
4.5 --- Average number of characters per word
72.5% - Flesh Reading Ease
 6.1 - -- Flesh-Kincaid grade level

Now, do you see? You can do it also. You probably speak more than an average of 2.8 sentences each time you talk to a friend, relative, neighbor, or anyone.

Note that the words are not big or complicated words. There is only an average of 4.5 characters per word. Note the reading ease of 72.5%. Of course, probably everyone surfing the net can read at a sixth or seventh grade level.

Add a dictionary and thesaurus as writing aids. Add your personality, flair, and angle of approach and you are in business. You are starting to write website content.

{Yes, I wrote this entire website based on the above concepts. Almost all the pages on this site have a Flesh-Kincaid grade level of nine or below.}

The purpose of an easy reading level is so that your reader does not have to concentrate on understanding your writing but only on the ideas, you are trying to convey.

By the way, do you "see" the personality or unique voice of this website? Do you see the flair, and angle of approach?

I would say that the unique voice in this instance is that of a knowledgeable instructor, coach or motivator. The flair and angle of approach is informal and a can-do, anyone can do it attitude.

What do you think about the above? You are the judge.

When I first started to write website content, I wrote at a grade level above 11. The recommended number is below nine. Some internet writers would say that you should write below a Flesh-Kincaid grade level of eight.

Newspapers, magazines and other written media also follow the above concept.

The idea here is not that the visitors to your website are poor readers. Rather, you want to write in such a way that the reader understands instinctively and intuitively the message you present. Your readers should not have to think about what it is you are trying to say.

Moreover, you do not have to write or sound like a five year old to accomplish the task.

Of course, if your market is the PhD type person, you should write website content accordingly.

In the beginning, it takes a little practice to get your ideas to flow one into the other. With practice, you learn to keep sentences short and to the point. You learn to write for the average web surfer.

Look at this additional information. Compare the numbers below to the above numbers.

Here are the important statistics. This page (to this point) has over 880 words. There are 4,131 characters, 34 paragraphs, and 75 sentences. It has 11.2 words per sentence, and 4.4 characters per word. The Flesch-Kincaid grade level is 5.8; and it has a reading ease of 73.4.

Yes, you too can write website content.

Remember, as you write down your ideas for your site, you also continue to study and learn your subject matter. You are developing a great mental habit.

Developing any habit (whether good or bad) takes time. It is similar to weaving a mighty cable. The good habits you develop are worth your time and effort. They will serve you in any type of endeavor.

Your mighty cable will be nearly impossible to break. Take your time. Weave it carefully. There is no rush.

If you have not done so - Click here for page 2.

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