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Write Website Content - you have arrived at the "How To" exercise page from page one.

The purpose of the exercise is to prove to you that it will not be difficult for you to build an online website business, successfully. This is especially true (and becoming more and more true) due to the sophisticated website building tools available to you.

Essentially, you write "content", which are your words on a page. Next, you get website building tools. Then, you use the 'right' process to build your site.

If you have not viewed the previous page, you should click the above link. The top information on that page is the information referred to on this page.

Later, we will analyze the information - what it all means.

You know your subject matter; but how do you put your information on paper (your website)?

Let's Write

Note all the sentences from the top of page one. I rewrote them below, as separate sentences, one under the other.

Each of the below sentences expresses some idea. Then, I strung them together, into paragraphs to express a concept.

Review the information on this page. Then, go back to the first page to review the analysis section.

1. As you begin to write website content, do not worry about such things as form, style, or grammar.
2. Do not worry if you don’t know all that you desire to know.
3. The information in this section will help you start (and finish).
4. Follow this simple instruction: start writing content for your website by getting your ideas (what you know) on paper.
5. Use a text editor or word processor if those tools are comfortable for you.
6. Do not worry about grammar, sentence structure, or the like.
7. Do not worry about what you should write/type first.
8. In fact, you do not have to start by writing complete sentences.
9. Simply write down a few ideas about what you want to write.
10. {At this point, it is important that you do not take the time to correct mistakes with spelling, grammar, or anything else.
11. Otherwise, you may lose your thought process.
12. You may lose the 'essence' of that which you were thinking.
13. All corrections will come later in the process.
14. Trust me on this warning.}
15. Under each idea, write a little something about what you know of that subject.
16. The website building process comes later.
17. For now, just get information on paper, written or typed.
18. In addition, later, you can study/research additional information you may want to add under each idea.
19. If you simply do not believe that you can write website content, use your lack of belief as a challenge.
20. While following the above suggestion of getting your ideas on paper, you will learn something about writing.
21. You will discover that learning to write website content is not that difficult.
22. {Simply get started.
23. If you prefer, think of this as practice.
24. Note: There will be more information for subscribers of Homebiz Reports Advisor.}
25. Forcing your mind to learn how to write is also a great way to start exercising your mind.
26. See this 'ezine' article.

Look again at the above 26 sentences. They are of course the same sentences as at the top of page one.

Later, if you see how the right tools can complement your writing.

NOW, let us go to the analysis section on page one.

Subscribers, do you believe you can write website content? If you need assistance, go to the web page - Write for Me. This is not an outside service. It is for subscribers to Homebiz Reports Advisor.

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